Your school life at the School of Magic and Witchcraft has started, and you can now participate in your first classes at Hogwarts Legacy.
One of them, of course, is the famous flight class, where you will learn to fly with Madame Koala, which will also teach some spells for your wizard.

Make your first flight class

After making good progress in the main plot, you will attend your first oom-in flight class with Professor Koala.


If you do not wander too much, it will take at least 5 hours before you reach this main mission of the story.
In this class, you will learn to control your oom accompanied by Everett, also a fifth year student.
You will also walk through Hogwarts to enjoy the landscape.
That done, you will have to complete the flight testing mission that requires you to buy your ooms in Hogsmeade.
Also, after buying at least one oom, you will be able to use it in various places in the game world.

Task 1 of Professor Koala

  • Bop balloons near Hogsmeade Station: You must destroy the 5 balloons above the area by passing over them with your oom
  • Bop the balloons through the Quidditch field: Similarly, just destroy the 5 balloons near the site.
    You will learn the Glacial spell from it.
    It has the yellow color and freezes the enemies.
    It is possible to improve it in talent so that shrapnel affect enemies in a considerable area around the target hit.

Task 2 of Professor Koala

You will not unlock this task until you complete the first guardianship test.
As in the first task, the locations will be available on the map, marked in purple.

Just fly over the region and burst the balloons.
Practice fly near the arrows: You must destroy the 5 balloons above the area passing over them with your oom
Practice flying near the Keen idge Tower: Likewise, just destroy the 5 balloons near the site.
Go back to the teacher and learn momentum.
A spell that can be useful for Artist’s Elmo Quest.
Also, it is the perfect magic to capture the magic beasts.
Especially flying, as they are more difficult and need a large sequence of buttons.