Sides are identifiers of a certain world generated in Minecraft.
You can use them to recreate a certain world with all its details, which helps to share worlds with certain properties.
Sometimes the player was very lucky, and he found an accidentally generated unique world with abundant resources, defined topology or other unique features.
Here is a list of the 15 most successful chides in Minecraft.

15 The most successful seats in the world in Minecraft

15-Beautiful Mountain Range

  • Maps:-8427444967367737379
  • Minecraft: Java
  • Version: 1.19
    This excellent seed will generate you in the middle of a snowy mountain chain with incredible peaks and beautiful gorges.
    An additional bonus is an extensive system of caves under the mountains if you want to explore the caves.

14) Village in a large canyon

  • Maps:-4651105460712845864
  • Minecraft: Java
  • Version: 1.19
    If you are looking for an adventure in canyoning on the slope of the mountain, this is a seed-what you need.
    You will appear near a large canyon with a small village that appeared right on the edge, and there are even several houses at the bottom of the canyon.

13-Desert city

  • Maps: 6630997395534342573
  • Minecraft: Java
  • Version: 1.19
    With this seat you will appear near the coastal desert city with some interesting geographical features.
    There are many research options, since the nearby desert area is rich in diamond fossils and gorges.

12) X-shaped village on the ice lake

Maps: 346037736138
Minecraft: Java
Version: 1.19
In this world, you will appear near the frozen lake from the X-shaped village floating along it.
If you dive under the ice, a huge funnel will meet you.
If you are looking for an underwater adventure, this place is ideal for the construction of structures and their connection with the village at the top.

11-Unusual rock formations

  • Maps:-2679078815986345699
  • Minecraft: Java
  • Version: 1.19
    You will have to go north to get to these beautiful formations similar to the dining rooms, but it’s worth it!
    The immediate territory around these rocks is filled with gorges and ravines, ready for research.
    Mountains are great for stone construction, ideal for a castle or fortress.

10) Mountain slope with a variety of BIOS

  • Maps: 883950225
  • Minecraft: Java
  • Version: 1.19
    This seed will make you appear on a ridge near a small lake in barren lands.
    The immediate territory is characterized by an incredible variety of biomass and exciting geographical features, as well as a good combination of mountains and gorges that you can explore.
    There are also several hidden treasures in this area, for example, the wreckage of the ship near the mine and several diamond fossils.

9) Ancient city under a variety of BIOS

  • Maps: 5155879575039368840
  • Minecraft: Java
  • Version: 1.19
    On the surface of this world, you will have a vast boom of barren lands, mixed with a couple of others, including an outstanding mountain range and a nearby village.
    But the true beauty of this seed is hidden underground in its vast system of caves and an ancient city, which lies directly below it.
    This seed will give you many hours of research for all of you, adventurers.


8) a village on a hill slope with a mine

  • Maps:-5587104679448810605
  • Minecraft: Java
  • Version: 1.19
    This seed will appear next to the beautiful village on the slope of the hill next to the river.
    On the other side there are a pair of deep ravines connected to the mine forming a network of tunnels and caves full of zombies, spiders and skeletons.
    Be careful when researched, because you can find several chests with treasures among the web.

8) Double dungeon village

  • Maps: 8027769604411866328
  • Minecraft edition: Rain breed
  • Version: 1.19
    This is a real rarity seed.
    You will appear on the banks of the river flowing through the pine forest.
    You will find a crack on the hill’s slope if you are looking for an early adventure.
    Right above the meadow you will find the village on the top of the hill.
    Right in the center of the village there is a small hole with spanner of zombies and skeletons.
    This feature makes this village ideal for growing creeps.

7) Vertical open dungeon

  • Maps:-5249478346376846453
  • Minecraft edition: Rain breed
  • Version: 1.19
    Finding open dungeons is a rare opportunity in Minecraft, but finding a dungeon on a steep hill is just a different level.
    The place is ideal for creating a giant spider farm.
    Below is the village of Kuznets, and nearby there is a fragment of the ship thrown ashore for additional research opportunities.

6-Tropical Kingdom

  • Maps:-450156990
  • Minecraft edition: Rain breed
  • Version: 1.19

This seed is ideal for you if you are looking for a real eye candy in the world!
You will appear near the tropical jungle with many vertical features of the area.
Beautiful arches, hidden overgrown caves and gorges are waiting for you to detect and explore them.
If you are ready to travel further around the world, you will see more great and various biomes.
On the other side of the lake where you appear, you will find two temples, a destroyed portal, anapest and three villages next to each other.

5) Big Mountain Cave

  • Maps: 1727502807
  • Minecraft edition: Rain breed
  • Version: 1.19
    This SID explores the very limits of the landscape of the landscape in Minecraft, since it generates the world with a vast cave system built into the mountain right next to your Renaissance zone.
    Go to the bay to the right of you and immediately begin to explore this underground beauty, consisting of cascading waterfalls and magnificent luminous ceilings.

4-mansion on the rocks

  • Maps: 5943345
  • Minecraft edition: Rain breed
  • Version: 1.19
  • Interesting coordinates: 4315, 60, 550
    You will have to go through more than 4,000 blocks to experience this incredible miracle of the random landscape generation, but it’s worth it!
    A rock mansion is really a sight, especially with graphic updates installed in your Minecraft.
    It is also a great base for operations and playing scripts with friends.

3) Double Ancient City with the end portal and a village nearby

  • Maps:-113283445815570664
  • Minecraft edition: Rain breed
  • Version: 1.19
  • Interesting coordinates:
    -160, 100, 815
    -240, 25, 771
    If you go to the coordinates that we indicated above, a small and peaceful village will meet you next to the snowy mountain.
    Go to the forest valley to the left of the village and find a giant crevice in the slope of the mountain.
    This discovery will bring you right to the huge ancient city!
    In fact, there are two united ancient cities next to each other.
    If you shine below and go to the second set of coordinates, you will also find the portal of the edges in an underground room with many hidden treasures.

2-Lake eyes

  • Maps: 93755696010991909
  • Minecraft edition: Rain breed
  • Version: 1.19
  • Interesting coordinates: 600, 355, 650
    The magnificent and diverse world created by this seed offers many interesting locations and beautiful landscapes created in the vicinity of your Renaissance.
    The first small lake is surrounded by double layers of the meadow and forest, and the second has a small island right in the middle.
    The entrance to the cave from stone deposits is located right in the center of the island and leads directly to the double ancient city connected to the mine, which makes it truly successful seed!

1-shipwreck merged with the village

  • Maps: 6592136838641330615
  • Minecraft edition: Rain breed
  • Version: 1.19
  • Interesting coordinates:-505, 75, 516
    This seed will create an exciting Y-shaped village based on the above coordinates.
    The shipwreck merged with one building in the village, and even one person was inside!
    Near the village there is a giant Savannah bay with attractive rocky arches and a destroyed portal.
    The portal teleports you directly to the bastion of the ego.
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