Harry Potter fans are familiar with the infamous secret room, which was created by Salazar Slytherin, one of the founders of Hogwarts.
The room is first mentioned in the second book and the film from the Harry Potter series, and also appears in the Hogwarts heritage.
Many players wondered if they could enter the secret room.
Unfortunately, you cannot enter it, but you can unlock it, and you can take a collection item from there.
A fierce beast basilisk lives in the secret room, which follows only the orders of the true heir Salazar Slytherin.
He did this after disagreements with other co-founders of the school.
The beast will be released by the legal heir to Salazar Slytherin to clean Hogwarts from everyone who is not purebred.

Location of the Hogwarts Heritage Local Heritage Room

Although you cannot enter the secret room and fight a basilisk, you can still find its exact location and take a note from the sink to the bathroom of Slytherin.
In the original series about Harry Potter, one could enter the secret room from the toilet of Slytherin girls on the second floor.
The bathroom was haunted by the ghost of Plexus Myrtle.

Myrtle was a student of Ravenclaw at Hogwarts, who killed the basilisk.
Her ghost wanders around the bathroom, always cries, and therefore she is called moaning myrtle.
Hogwarts’s heritage retains the whereabouts of a secret room on an abandoned 2-tied room for girls on the floor.
However, Myrtle’s crybabies are not there yet, since the death of Myrtle Warren does not happen for some time.
To visit this bathroom, you can use a quick vehicle-a chimney powder system-and go to the lower front staircase.
Having reached the destination, you can climb the stairs and go down.
Now turn right and continue to go until you reach the end of the corridor.
Turn right from there and enter the toilet for girls.
You will notice a sink in the middle of the bathroom, which is a hidden entrance to the secret room of Salazar Slytherin in the Hogwarts heritage.
Go to the sink to collect a note.
This note will be hidden, and you will need to utter the Revelry spell to open it.
The note will show that the snake is engraved on the tap, but no one knows its origin, which will actually be the entrance to the Basilisk lair.
You cannot enter the room of secrets, as this will destroy the knowledge of Harry Potter.
According to legend, it was Tom Riddle, aka Nolan de Mort, releasing a basilisk into pipes, which leads to the death of Myrtle.
Riddle is the heir to Slytherin and has the ability of Parnell, the ability to communicate with snakes.
Since the basilisk itself is a giant snake, Voldemort can talk to him.


Since the character of the players is not the heir to Slytherin, they cannot enter the secret room.
However, you can still visit the entrance and pick up a note from there.