For months, Microsoft has actually been attempting to motivate all Windows 10 users with modern-day PCs to switch to Windows 11-but lots of prefer to stay loyal to Windows 10.
Now Microsoft apparently has his nose full and counts on a new tactic-but in my opinion goes too far.

switch to Windows 11: Microsoft depends on a full-screen message after the system start

Your PC is all set for an upgrade to Windows 11. Messages like this have actually been driving some Windows 10 users with newer systems for months.
Again and once again you are pointed out that you ought to change to Microsoft’s latest OS and will be informed about the prospective benefits that Windows 11 offers you.
Regardless of these Windows 11 propaganda, lots of PC users continue to tape-record Windows 10 and ignore Microsoft’s upgrade details.
This does not appear to have actually left the group either, so that there has been a new method for a couple of weeks to push people to upgrade-an enormous full-screen pop-up that opens immediately after the PC starts:
In the beginning glance, it almost looks like you can no longer miss out on the Windows 11 upgrade.
In the middle of the screen there are only 2 alternatives that either give the user the chance to perform the upgrade right away or to plan it for a later date.
It is just with the review that it can be seen that there is likewise the opportunity to continue to use Windows 10.
The matching button can be discovered on the bottom left of the screen-almost concealed.
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Windows 11 at all costs?

Microsoft goes too far-Comment from Robert Cowlick
It is usually not guilty that Microsoft continues to try to inspire Windows 10 users for Windows 11 and inspire them to switch-but already.
The reports in the notification center are currently a nuisance for numerous users, as they like to push themselves into the foreground and often even overlap continuous full-screen applications.
This is bothersome, but the message can be closed quickly.


Microsoft is now going too far with the brand-new complete screen pop-up.
The invasive report not only brings in the user’s complete attention and puts it on alert, thanks to the positioning of the buttons, it is even recommended that it has no choice at the most recent and needs to upgrade to Windows 11 at the current.
The reality that the option of keeping Windows 10 is anchored in the lower left corner-and for that reason not in focus-is Pure Estimation from Microsoft.
For Microsoft, Windows 10 is yesterday’s snow.
This likewise shows this step:
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Simon sews
With this poor stitch you go to farm traps and, above all, try to move neglectful Windows 10 users to change to Windows 11-even if they don’t want that at all.
You would most likely have already discovered one of the umpteen other upgrade deals that Microsoft kept banging to you again and once again due to the fact that if you were interested in it.
Windows 10 users who wish to continue to stay true to their OS must now exercise special care.
Microsoft, on the other hand, should stop this brand-new marketing strategy right away.

Since even if you will increase the spread of Windows 11 in any case, the affected upgrade victims should actually appear behind the light and may even think of changing to competing products.
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