Aufleriger 1. FC Magdeburg has actually offered the red lantern of the bottom of the table in the 2nd Bundesliga.
The 1974 Cup winner’s European Cup winner won 3: 2 (1: 1) at Holstein Kiel in spite of two times the deficit.


Moritz-Broni Karting (86th) achieved the winning goal for the visitors, Kiel missed the leap to sixth place in the table.
Patrick Eras (34th) accomplished the leadership for the north Germans, who had actually just won a triple point win in the last four games.
Daniel Alkali (45th) managed to match, who came happily at the time.
Faith ARP (55.) brought KSV Holstein 2-1 in front.
Herbert Bock horn (70th) made it 2-2 and Karting even made the victory ideal.
The storks from Kiel started much more elongated and identified, Magdeburg acted carefully and booked, beware of objective protection.
FCM goalkeeper Dominik Reimann (7th) needed to show his skills two times in the double possibility of the hosts.

Also in the 33rd minute, Reimann was on the post versus Fabian Reese.