The YouTube channel of Elanalistlebits has actually taken on this question and compares hogwarts legacy directly in a video with scenes from the corresponding films.
The focus is of course primarily on Hogwarts itself, but the magician bench Gringos and the town of Hogsmeade are also compared with their digital reproduction.

With Hogwarts Legacy, the very first actually huge game in Harry Potter’s universe will be released these days.
How does the digital variation of the school for witchcraft and magic offer compared to the film variation?

Hogwarts Legacy: Direct comparison with the film areas

If you first go into the eponymous castle in Hogwarts Legacy, as Harry Potter fan, there need to be some resemblances.
Unsurprisingly, the developers have taken a look at the look of the movies, in which the Renwick Castle in England was frequently utilized as a place.
Nonetheless, there are likewise some differences in direct comparison, which can in some cases be explained by the fact that Hogwarts Tradition plays around 100 years prior to the occasions of the films and books.

Hogwarts fails really detailed in the game.
The famous wood bridge is no longer directly in Hogwarts Tradition and, like the class of the defense against the dark arts, is nearly apparent.
You can already go to Hagrid shut in the video game, even if the likeable gamekeeper is of course far from being discovered:

Other class also have a comparable level of information.


This likewise uses to other areas that are not within Hogwarts, such as the magician bank Gringos.
You can also visit them in Hogwarts Tradition and take a trip to the depths of the bank-similar to Harry Potter and the sanctuaries of death.

a festival for fans-but likewise spirited?

The video of Elanistlebits therefore shows that Hogwarts Tradition is primarily a video game for fans of the Harry Potter series.
If you would like to check out Hogwarts and the surrounding area, you will get your cash’s worth here.
Is the video game of developer Avalanche software application also appropriate on the playful side?
We’ll tell you this in our test for Hogwarts Tradition and enter into closer to the strengths and weaknesses of the role-playing video game.

By the way, if you have the Deluxe Edition, you can start playing Hogwarts Tradition today.
In addition, a Twitch campaign for function play starts during the day, in which you can dust as much as five objects for complimentary.

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