Rank’s loyal ones have gone crazy outside the castle land, and are now connected to another situation with Adelaide Oakes uncle.

However, since the voice has run over your heroic stories at school, request your help to find it after you have not seen it or had its news in a long time.
So, to help with this effort, we will show you how to complete Tale of Rowland Oakes in Hogwarts Legacy.

How to complete Tale of Rowland Oakes at Hogwarts Legacy

To start the Tale of Rowland Oakes mission at Hogwarts Legacy, players can find their reference point near the bell tower (at least you must have level 10 for this mission):
Image source: screenshot through Avalanche software
Then, Adelaide will send you on a trip near the northern region of Hogwarts on the left side of Hogsmeade.
Your main mission is to locate Rowland’s camp to find out his whereabouts, but as you approach, you will see that several loyal to Rank have already infiltrated their base.
At this point, it depends on the player to get rid of them discreetly or start a complete front attack of powerful spells.


Once the area is clear, you can find the newspaper and the Rowland Oakes map in the upper left corner of the site:
Image source: screenshot through Avalanche software
With the map, players can try to locate Rowland near the Flew flame of the Borrow ruins, which should not be far from the camp:
Image source: screenshot through Avalanche software
You will have to enter the broken building to infiltrate the Goblins site and defeat some enemies.
Eventually, players can climb a ladder and head towards the direction of the remaining enemies:
Image source: screenshot through Avalanche software
Now is the time to go to the ruins of Borrow, where there will be an entrance door to enter the destination.
You can use the spell disappointment at this point to sneak from the adversaries and launch Petrifies Totals.
Fortunately, there will be a reference point that will show where you should go, so you can use it as a guide to cross the ruins and point out Rowland’s cell to talk to him.
Oakes will tell you that he needs his wand;
Therefore, you must use a pyrotechnic technique, such as confringing or fire, to turn on the machine and unlock the door:
Image source: screenshot through Avalanche software
Players must defeat several Goblins in this room to recover the wand on a right table (it will appear in the minimal).
In return, you will be rewarded with the handmade necklace and 180 XP for helping the Oakes.
That is enough for our guide on how to complete Rowland Oakes’s story in Hogwarts Legacy.
If you need more help with missions, you can check our Cache in the Castle guide.
You can also explore the relevant links below to get additional content about the game.
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