The dual-sensense controller is among the very best features of the PS5-however, a setting of your PlayStation can decrease the influence of your game pads.
This trick helps you to get the maximum out of your controller.

PS5 technique: microphone impacts the dual senses

When video gaming on the PS5, the dual-sensense controller can contribute considerably to immersion in your favorite game when playing functions such as the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.
However, a PlayStation predetermined makes sure that the vibration feature arrives too weakly in particular scenarios.
In contrast, it assists to switch off your microphone or use a headset

PlayStation 5: You ought to adjust this setting

Your PS5 immediately sets the vibration strength and the intensity of the trigger result as weak if you use the microphone of the dual sensual controller-for example in multiplayer video games.
You get weaker feedback and the next gene features of the game pad look visibly thinner.
To avoid this, you can switch off the microphone-we describe to you in our overview article.
You can also use a headset, this has no negative effect on the strength of the controller feedback.
A matching note post triggers excitement on Reddit.
Many PS5 owners report that the trick works and likewise makes sure stronger feedback in single player video games.

Nevertheless, there are also some critics who do not wish to find a change.


In view of the wording in the settings of the PS5-which you can find in basic through accessories-it is clear that making use of the controller micros guarantees lowered vibrations.
If you wish to utilize the complete power of the dual sense, you ought to keep this pointer in the back of your head.
With its ingenious functions, the dual-sensense controller also improves the scary shooter Dead Space:
Reading pointer
PS5 benefit: This is how the dual-sensense controller Dead Space makes much better
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