Currently, the purchase of Blizzard Activision by Microsoft is something that still has no closure, that is because a couple of world regulators have not approved this transaction.
And now, the company’s CEO has mentioned that if it becomes completed, it could encourage good competition, since they can grow in the Japanese market.
According to what Satya Nadella mentions, it is that regulators should take into account that this region is the one that has the least, since in Japan Sony and Nintendo devices are sold as hot bread due to being local product.
And who now have activation franchises could make Xbox turn more positively.
This mentioned in a new interview for the CNBC:

If they really think seriously about competition, they have to really reflect on, will this be useful for generating more competition?
Correct, think about this, there are people who earn more money in games that don’t even create games.
Maybe we should look that.

So, even if you observe the consoles market, we should probably see Microsoft’s participation in the consoles market in Japan as a question that maybe someone should do and say: Oh, wow, I wonder why that is, maybe they should
Start competing more in Japan.
So, I hope that regulators adopt an approach that is really beneficial for players, will be beneficial for all editors…
It is worth mentioning that Activision Blizzard is not very popular in Japan either, but it is understood that acquiring them could further raise their name and therefore, calling attention to this Mercado de Oriente.

Via: Firebox
Editor’s note: I don’t know how much a company could help them is not very popular on those sides.


But it will be a matter of time to know if at the end of the day the transaction will be carried out.