Quest Hogwarts Legacy Haunted Hogsmeade Shop is one of the exclusive materials for PlayStation, which can be found in the Hogs mid area.


Unlike others, this quest has a very interesting and terrible premise filled with mannequins, and requires the players to open their own store.
Access to the quest is possible only after the test of Charles Redwood.
This quest, which increases the cost of selling the player by 10 %, has become one of the most valuable quests in the Hogwarts heritage.

Unfortunately, the Xbox and PC players cannot pass this quest, but we are here to help players PS5, who may have problems with the Haunted Hogsmeade store.

How to start a quest ghost store in Hogs mid

To open the Haunted Hogsmeade store, Hogwarts Legacy players need to go to Hogs mid harsh winters.
When the players go to Hogs mid and open the map to find the exact location of the quest, they will find it on the eastern side of the map.
Players in quests need to open a store in Hogs mid and in the place indicated on the map, they will meet the penny of the brownie elf.
She will stand completely alone near a strange and abandoned house.
Although this can be seen from nowhere, the elf holds the store here, and it is in the building like a house behind her.
Players will find that she is a newcomer here, as well as inexperienced.
Having learned the owner of the store, the players must rush to Cassandra Mason and convince her to sell them a store.
It will be easy, and Cassandra Mason will sell a store for 1,500 gold galleons.
However, this is the beginning of the quest, not the end.
When Kassandra sells you a store, she will ask the players to bring her deceased husband from a chest located in the back of the store.
Thus, the quest begins when the player brings her husband’s things.

Passage Hogwarts Legacy Haunted Hogsmeade Shop

As soon as the quest begins, players need to return to the store to get the things of Cassandra’s husband.
When players get to the store, Penny will allow them to enter the store.
After using Repair on various items in the store, go directly to the back room and go down to the basement.
In the basement, players will meet different mannequins rising up.
Everything will be dark here, so players need to use Lumps spell.
The door will open after a while when you explore the room and see rising mannequins.
Go through the door.
You will see a huge corridor leading to a double door with two lights;
One will stand next to him, and the other-a lamp attached to the wall.

Pass through the foyer

Here, players need to attack a flashlight soaring with the door.
Look right from the room, and there you will see a soaring lantern, use Wingardium Levies on it, which will attach the flashlight to the door.
As soon as the door opens, you will get into the lobby with another door locked with two grilles.
The path to the left and right will unlock both lattices, and the door will be unlocked.
First, go along the right track, the deploy boards on the doors to destroy them.
Players can also use Lumps to illuminate the terrain and find open doors.
Thus, as the players continue to move along this path, they find different doors;
Some have single lanterns, others have two lanterns.
Just continue to move and use Levies Vanadium to bring objects closer.

Fight with Monster Fastidious

At the end of this path, as soon as the players decide all the puzzles, they confront Fastidious, the ghost, and try to cause damage to the player.
Players need to dodge him and run back to the lobby, and they will see that one strip is no longer, and now it’s time to unlock the second.
Further, players need to go along the left path from the lobby.
Things here are similar to the fact that on the right track;
Nevertheless, there is a labyrinth of mannequins, which will deliver the players a difficult time.
After that, the players have to solve a few more puzzles, and then, finally, the time came to fight one on one with Monster Fastidious.
It is not as difficult to defeat Monster Fastidious as players think.
This is a simple monster that constantly waving weapons in his hands.
Players can easily fend off objects that he throws and quit drumming;
However, a real disaster begins when the angle of the camera is distorted.
Players should focus on the monster, evade attacks, fend off and bring down hell on it.
After defeating Monster Fastidious, players can return to the lobby.
There you can report about Cassandra Ruth Singer.
She will take care of the Cassandra, and you can meet with Penny.
You can even give Penny a hat to make it free elf in Hogwarts’s Heritage.


After the players complete the quest Ghost with Hogs mid, they will receive the following awards:
Cosmetic set of shopkeeper.
Shop in Hogs mid.
The quest increases the cost of selling players by 10%;
Thus, players can earn a lot after they completed the quest and, finally, received their store.