On February 10, Hogwarts Legacy finally opened his wonderful gates to all gamers.
That you are correctly prepared for your magician adventure, you need to have an appropriate name at the start.
Here we have collected some generators and motivation for you.

Harry Potter, Heroine Granger, Ron Weasly-No Max Müller suits Hogwarts Legacy

In Hogwarts Legacy you can develop a corresponding picture of your own in the character editor and convert through the castle halls as a chic magic apprentice.
In order to create the ideal environment, you must likewise place on some magic by name.
Of course, you might likewise use your real name in the single player game, however ideal names about the Harry Potter universe are much cooler.
As we did in the character development of Hogwarts Tradition, by the way, it is very crucial to her here:
In order to discover the best name for your game, it is best to use one of the lots of generators for the Warding World.
There is no official from Warner Bros. himself, but some excellent service providers.
Bloomsbury is certainly the best-known name generator from the Harry Potter universe and officially licensed.
Here you can enter your own name (or just the initial letters) and after that pick a gender.
There is also the option to select the gender by possibility.
Based on your input, the Bloomsbury generator then develops a recommendation for you.
Repeat it till the best name appears for you.
The name generator from Fan bolt is the right one for you if you desire to adapt your name to a certain Hogwarts home.
There you can narrow down your selection to a gender and a house.
You can also specify the choice with your own name or nickname.
If you choose a German-speaking website, you can utilize Thestoryshack.
There you need to supply no information except for the gender and can rapidly click through brand-new ideas.


If you have created your character, we have a full list of spells that you can use to make Hogwarts Tradition unsafe: