You can opt for one of the four houses in Hogwarts Legacy.


If you want to complete the 100% game you will have to create at least four characters, one from each house.
It is normal for players to wonder if this will change the story of the game or even if it will provide different finals, and we have the answer.

The house you choose changes the story in Hogwarts Legacy?

The chosen house does not change the main story or any quests… at least not significantly.
Your character will be able to learn darkness arts the same way and will have access to everything, regardless of being from Slytherin, Gryffindor, Rome or Huffleplace.
This does not mean that it does not change anything, as some resources will be exclusive to students of specific houses.
Nothing that will really make a difference in the end or that generates any advantage or disadvantage.

What changes with each house in Hogwarts Legacy?

  • The color of the uniforms
  • Access to the communal room of each house
  • Some dialogues
  • Some animations
    Basically it’s just that.
    Some students will refer to you in different ways, depending on your home, but neither the history nor the progress of any quest is changed.

Is there an exclusive quest for your home in Hogwarts Legacy?

Before the game’s release there were rumors that there would be exclusive quests for each house, but that was not confirmed in the game.

Of course, all communal halls have particularities, but there is no specific quest.
If your fear is that the story is much changed or that you do not have access to any NPC, you can rest easy.
You will have access to all quests, all NPCs, all treasures and secrets and will have all resources available.
You will still be able to invade Salazar Slytherin’s secret office with Sebastian Hallow, save any magic beast and master any spell, including the three unforgivable curses.