Week 9 of the Seraph season is underway in Destiny 2 and new seasonal challenges have been released.
In particular, a challenge called Icy Singularity has perplexed some players due to the writing of the title.
Therefore, completing this challenge has been a bit complicated.
So today, let’s talk how to complete the Icy Singularity challenge in Destiny 2.

Explanation of the Destiny 2 icy singularity challenge

Image Source: Bungie.net
To complete this challenge, you must defeat a certain number of combatants with vacuum effects or stasis in gambit.

This is where confusion arises, since the word effect can mean several things.
However, we are here to clarify what skills mean specifically.
Therefore, you need a certain amount of enemies in Gambit with void skills or stasis to complete the challenge.
Most of the time, the total number of enemies you need to defeat with skills accumulates in about 50.
You can also accelerate the process by defeating the invaders guardians with vacuum skills or stasis.
However, this does not apply if it is you who invades the enemy team.


For example, if an enemy guardian is invading your field and use a void super like a Nova Bomb to kill the opposite guardian, that will tell the challenge.
However, if you were to invade the enemy team and use a Nova bomb on them, this would not count for the end.
Otherwise, a vacuum sorcerer who executes a grenade construction should complete this challenge with little effort.
That is all you need to know how to complete the Icy Singularity challenge in Destiny 2. Be sure to consult our most recent guides, such as how to get the Wendigo Grenade Launcher or how to complete the Trial challenge by Firing Squad.
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