Warframe is a very popular free science fiction shooter available on most platforms.
This allows him to cover a wider audience, which was additionally expanded due to the implementation of cross-platform functions.
Nevertheless, it is still in the testing stage, so it is not yet completely functional.


This can make you ask if there is cross-platform trade in Warframe.

Is there a cross-platform trade in Warframe?

The answer-no-Warframe does not have cross-platform trade.
At the time of writing, the Warframe cross-platform functions were still in testing and were not expanded to include trade.
If a cross-platform trade is sold, we will update this leadership by adding additional information.
What can embarrass the players is that you need to turn on the cross-fault of the settings or, at least, have the same as in the person with whom you trade.
Despite the fact that there is no cross-platform trade yet, you will still need to turn on the same settings of the cross-platform game.
If you do not, you cannot complete this deal.
Cross-platform functions are under development, so we expect that trade will ultimately be included.
Other functions that are absent in the cross-platform game include support for friends, gifts and voice chat.

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