The clocks are a little different this year.
If the U 19 of Borussia Dortmund 2021/2022 was still outstanding, as coach Mike Tull berg states, this year’s line-up is weaker.
It is excellent, but not excellent.
The reality that Jamie Bynoe-Gitten and Tom Roth are now part of the expert team is delighted in internally, but the class of Tullberg-Elf-Eben is that Bradley Fink is no longer storming for Russia, but for FC Basel.
Among other things, with this trio, BVB made it to the Youth League quarter-finals and thus as far as no other Dortmund U 19 prior to.
In this season, Russia has actually brought it to the play-offs, is just one action before the round of 16.
It will focus less on its individual class than on his great collective behavior if BVB satisfies Hibernian FC in Scotland on Tuesday (8 p.m.).
That after the very first three Youth League video games in which we might just get one point, we still got on, Tull berg confirms to the, had a lot to do with concentration and unity.
According to the trainer, these strengths would need to show his children once again this time.

requirements of optimization on the offensive

Different skills are then asked: for instance, Name Collins, who recently moved up into the U 23, discovered well into the 3rd division and is supposed to secure the defense center and help in the building.
Prince Aging, in the summer of Ajax Amsterdam and still in the U 23 with adjustment issues, has the order to ensure speed and breakthroughs by means of the left side.
And Gotten Guru, in the Youth League group stage in the 3: 3 versus Manchester City with two terrific ranges, should turn up in the half-spaces and produce opportunities, which in turn might utilize Julian Kickoff or Paris Brunner.
In any case, coach Tull berg, who can eagerly anticipate around 10,000 spectators, is persuaded: We will be able to overplay the first two row.
The protection of ball loss against the Scots is likewise primary.
They have advanced through counter-game and dangerous standards, says Tull berg, highlighting the attack: The 3 best players are the 3 offensive gamers. They are basically in the 5-2-3 formation, where
Have actually kept counter circumstances at the front.
His team urgently has to avoid being defensively or outnumbered, rather, a reliable pressing and an excellent staying defense, according to Tull berg, who ought to not surprise it must do this part of the task to his complete satisfaction.


We are missing a few goals this year, but we are really stable for this, discusses the coach completely correctly and refers to the previous 6 compulsory games, which the BVB all finished them.
Accordingly, the focus is on the attack, in which a top talent from the Netherlands and a young vertical starter ought to initially take hits.

Brunner requires greater understanding of the video game and his own weapons

Kickoff (18) originated from Ajax Amsterdam in January 2021, is 1.83 meters high, rather filigree and technically strong.
BVB just recently announced that he had extended the leading skill in the long term.
Tull berg states: He played a great nine versus City. In other battles, where physicality was particularly in need, he in some cases has his issues of problems. He needs to work. Of course, it is: we require his objectives.
Up until now there are three in the Youth League.
In the internal hit list, Kickoff is a single-common position with coworker Brunner (16), who likewise struck 3 times.
Service beginners with capacity for improvement: Paris Brunner Imago/Patrick Aalborg
Brunner is the vertical starter at Russia, was just promoted from the U 17 to the U 19 last September and, with his 1-0 head ball objective in Copenhagen, made it possible to move into the play-offs in the first place.
Physically, he brings a lot with it, states Tull berg about his 1.85 meter high enemy, who is only a little longer, but substantially more stable than Kickoff.
In addition, Brunner likes to begin directly, has a lot of speed.
He has issues in tight rooms from time to time, describes his coach and notes that Brunner has to develop a higher understanding of the game and his own weapons.
But it is constantly on the ideal track.

We are extremely pleased with Paris, states Tull berg.
And it improves through such games as now in Scotland.
, if it gets hard in the K.-O. Mode if each mistake can result in excretion-and effectiveness and nerve strength are necessary to create the big throw.

The clocks tick a little differently this year, yes.
The fact is, nevertheless, : the U-19 choice, which was blessed with so much class, which pertained to the last 8 Youth League teams last season, grew beyond the competition.
Possible that Tull berg will remind you once again.