In the bottom of Media Bayreuth, in the Basketball Bundesliga (BBL), the hoped-for turn is waiting even after the change of coach.
In the very first game under the instructions of Laden RIPENCC, the transfer prospect Ratiopharm Ulm lost to 64:80 (33:48) on Sunday.
RIPENCC, who led EWE Baskets Oldenburg to the cup in 2015, was hired on Thursday as the successor to Lars Masell and saw the 15th defeat of the group in the 18th game of the season at the launching.


The Lower Braunschweig (73:89 versus the Syntactic MBC Weißenfels) and the Report Skylines Frankfurt (81:96 at the MHP Raised Ludwigsburg) also lost in the table cellar.
After the sobering Euro league week, Alba Berlin held a minimum of in the Bundesliga course.
The double winner won 94:86 (40:34) at the MLP Academics at the laboriously won and reinforced his lead.
For Alba, which had actually collected clear defeats on European parquet on Wednesday and Friday, New Zealander YAGNI Wetzel was the very best thrower with 20 points.
Media Bayreuth-Ratiopharm Ulm 64:80 (33:48).- Best thrower: Marginal (16), Hill (11), Rowe (10), Rich (10) and Dial lo (6) for Bayreuth-Jallow (20),
Paul (15), Cabochon (14), Nunez (10), Christians (8) for Ulm.-Pusher: 2411
MLP Academics Heidelberg-Alba Berlin 86:94 (34:40)-Best thrower: Grain (22), Washington (19), Griffin (14), Kesteloot (9) and Basis (9) for Heidelberg-Wetzell (20).
, Zoos man (14), Smith (12), Schneider (11) and Sigma (10) for Berlin.