Nick Offer man plays Bill in the The Last of Us series.
In the Jimmy Kimmel Program, he now told why he does not play video games.
Who is the person you are discussing?
The star Nick Offer man embodies Expense in the series of The Last of the United States.
There he was especially observed in the third episode of the first season, in which the history of the characters Costs and Frank is deepened.
The episode caused a lot of experience after her charisma and Mango editor-in-chief Day Minkowski likewise found, the third episode is much better than the video game.
The 52-year-old American also played various roles in the Fargo, Devs and Brooklyn Nine-Nine series.
Now Offer man was a guest at the late night program The Jimmy Kimmel Show and spoke there, amongst other things, about his video game past.
What did Offers man state?
Throughout the show, Jimmy Kimmel asked if offer man played The Last of the United States
The actor rejected this and described that he has sworn computer game 25 years ago after he had actually succumbed to a number of weeks Banjo-Kazooie.

25 years ago I played my last computer game […]
I lost a video game called Banjo-Kazooie for a few weeks.
[…] It’s over, and you state: Yes, I won.
And right away I thought: what did I make with my life?
I chose that I will never ever do that again..

Nick Offer man in the Jimmy Kimmel Program
Afterwards, Alderman included that it was great that he has sworn computer game.
He describes the quality that video games have nowadays and states that he would otherwise no longer leave his basement: The video games have become so excellent, I believe I would being in a basement and not even audition for such programs.


We connect you up the full appearance of Nick Offer man at the Jimmy Kimmel Show here:
If you only want to see Nick Offer man and Jimmy Kimmel’s discussion about Banjo Kazoo and Offers man’s computer game past, jump 4:27 at minute.

Banjo-Kazooie-Jump n Run from the 90s

What is the video game that Nick Offering fell?
Banjo-Kazooie is a three-dimensional Jump N Run video game released in 1998, which was published for Nintendo 64.
The video game tells the story of the 2 eponymous lead characters Banjo and Kazoo.
Banjo is a bear on 2 legs with a particular yellow pants.
Kazoo is an orange-yellow seagull.
Together, the two good friends start the objective to conserve Banjo’s little sibling.
This was abducted by a wicked witch.
To conserve Banjo’s sis, the heroes have to travel different worlds and gather items.
In doing so, they continue to move further into the realm of the witch, which later on stand in a manager battle.
While Nick Offers man changed the video games years ago, Henry Cavill is a proud fan of Warhammer.
The star, who is understood amongst players mainly for his role as Gerald of Rival in the Netflix series on The Witcher, just revealed in December 2022 the fulfillment of his heart’s desire: He plays the leading function in a Warhammer series.

Henry Cavill can meet his heart’s desire, plays the main function in a Warhammer series by Amazon