A new video of the Korean version of Hogwarts Legacy, which is scheduled to be released on February 10, was released.

‘Hogwarts Legacy’ is an action RPG game based on ‘Hogwarts’ at the end of the 19th century, about 100 years ago, and draws the story of the protagonist who was incorporated into Hogwarts as a fifth grade, not in first grade because of special circumstances.
The protagonist of the game can be customized and can be set to the player desired.

The biggest feature of the game is that you can look at the worldview of ‘Warding World’, which began with Harry Potter.

In the game, the player can visit the areas of the novels such as Hogwarts, which is the central stage of the game, as well as ‘Hogs mid’, which is famous for butter beer, forest and black lakes.

The characteristic of the main character in the game is that it has a legacy of ‘ancient magic’ that is not well known to others.
‘Hogwarts Legacy’ tells the story of the protagonist who learns and practiced magic in Hogwarts and rescues the world of darkness.


Meanwhile, the story of Hogwarts Legacy is based on the worldview of ‘J.K. Rolling’, the worldview of ‘Warding World’, but the narrative itself is known as an independent story that is not related to the original author.

‘Hogwarts Legacy’ will be released on February 10th, and can be played three days first according to the purchase edition.
The PC version is scheduled to be released late a day.