• Why solo builds deserve using in SW TOR
  • Dirty Battling Gunslinger
  • Saboteur Gunslinger
  • Sharpshooter Gunslinger
  • Significant Cooldown Abilities for Gunslingers
  • Gunslinger Solo Gearing and Statistics


Why solo builds are worth utilizing in SW TOR

In solo material, you’re mostly fighting garbage mobs that have so little health that the majority of enemies won’t have the ability to endure for more than 2-3 abilities, and you frequently can’t even get through a whole rotation prior to that fight encounter is over.

For almost the totality of Story history, battling trash wasn’t enjoyable since the combat system didn’t support it. Trash mob hardly encounters ever last more than a few seconds while manager battles and PVP usually last at least a few minutes, needing you to use much more capabilities.

These unbelievably powerful effects form the basis of the solo constructs and have the ability to exist without triggering (too numerous) balance problems in group content due to the fact that they are temporary and only reliably activate off of battle occasions that are fairly distinct to and common when battling garbage mobs.

I think this disconnect was accountable for making skipping trash through stealth and cheese such a popular method to playing Eve in SW TOR. BioWare plainly comprehended this and (primarily) solved it by introducing incredibly powerful brand-new ability tree enthusiasts and famous implants that synergize with existing tactical products.

Stronger single enemies like elites (golds) where you would be able to stretch your rotational legs are uncommon enough that you can trivialize them with correct usage of offending cooldowns (OCD’s) so even they don’t constantly endure a full rotation cycle.

Dirty Combating Gunslinger

In this section, I’ll be covering the capability tree construct and solo ability priority for Dirty Fighting Gunslinger. Please describe the 7.0 Dirty Fighting Gunslinger Eve Guide if you desire more in-depth info, especially on subjects relating to tailoring, abilities, and ability tree choices.

Dirty Combating Solo Content Capability Tree Build

The capability tree enthusiasts, implants, and tactical that aren’t noted as Build Fundamentals can be altered as required without compromising the integrity of to develop. I have included a complete set of default choices that will be most consistently useful in accomplishing what the construct sets out to do.

This construct enables you to draw blood from every opponent in the immediate vicinity with Essential Shot→ Hemorrhaging Blast→ Sharp Bomb and then choose off each target with a partial channel of Wounding Shots with each death developing a bloody explosion.

The Build Fundamentals are what I consider to be the core elements that make the build feasible. Without them, to develop no longer achieves its main function.

Sharp Bomb just has a 5 m radius, so It’s hard to get the whole group with 1 throw, so you may need to lob multiple grenades to spread your bleeds to the entire group. Ideally BioWare enthusiasts the radius of Sharp Bomb to 8 m, but the ability has been this method for the entire lifetime of the game, so it most likely won’t take place.

I recommend switching between Battle Run and Hideout as required. Hideout is great to teleport back if you simply need to enter one area to click something and then go back the way you came while Battle Run can be utilized in the meantime as a potent AOE attack given that Hideout has a 2-min cooldown.

Develop Essentials:
Improvised Tech
Dividing Shot
Ballistic Dampers
Hideout OR Battle Run
Locked and Packed Implant
Improved Targeting Implant
Airborne Agents Tactical

Considering That Dividing Shot just resets the cooldown of Wounding Shots if you kill throughout Wounding Shots, you wish to start with targets that have the least expensive health and work your method approximately the ones with the greatest health. If there’s a Strong (silver) or Elite (gold) opponent in the group, make sure to trigger Blood Sights and Unlawful Mods (if applicable) as soon as you use Hemorrhaging Blast. Toss in 1-2 Dirty Blasts initially if you don’t think you’ll be able to snuff the life out of the target by the time Wounding Shots is over.

How to use this build

This is the basic rotation you’ll be utilizing your capabilities in versus each group of trash in order to optimize your damage output.

  1. Battle Run (pre-cast, if suitable).
  2. Get in Cover.
  3. Filthy Blast (pre-cast, situational).
  4. Vital Shot (Dot).
  5. Hemorrhaging Blast (Dot boost).
  6. Blood Sights (makes Dots autocrat).
  7. Sharp Bomb (AOE Dot and spread).
  8. Unclean Blast (just when you do not anticipate to complete anything off with Wounding Shots).
  9. Injuring Shots (finisher, repeat as needed).

Saboteur Gunslinger.

Build Basics:.
Difficult Reset.
Shocking Blast.
Eliminate Streak.
Ballistic Dampers.
Locked and Filled Implant.
Ruthless Interrogation Tactical.

Saboteur Solo Material Capability Tree Build.

You just require a couple of capabilities to take out weak and standard opponents, but the procedure is a bit more complicated for stronger ones.

Battle Runs use is reliant on whether you have the ability available and/or desire to use it on that set of trash mobs. I’d suggest conserving it for groups that have a more powerful enemy. Unclean Blast is in a similar boat. I’d hold back on using it unless there’s an enemy in the group that you believe will require a bit more damage to take down. A lot of regular garbage can be taken out with simply the Dot spread + individual Wounding Shots channels.

I choose to use Callous Interrogation because you do not need the small amount of additional AOE from MG-2 Poly grade Dispersal Caps on weaker enemies and you’ll have to utilize Shock Charge and Speed Shot on more powerful enemies anyhow and Shock Charge will help you take those beefier enemies down.

Tough Reset and Eliminate Streak work together to guarantee that you get to reuse an autocrat Explosive Charge against each enemy with Incendiary Grenade setting off the detonations.

Standard and Weak Enemies Rotation (Routine Garbage).

How to use this construct.

The Build Fundamentals are what I think about to be the core components that make the construct practical. Without them, the construct no longer achieves its primary function.

Once you’re done with the opener in solo material, you’ll continue to Wounding Shots each enemy one by one until the whole group is dead. Remember to Dot spread from the target that is most central to the group, so you hit the most targets, however when utilizing Wounding Shots versus opponents, begin with the enemy with the most affordable HP and work your way up, so you may wind up utilizing Wounding Shots versus a various target than you tossed Sharp Bomb at.

Make sure you use Hemorrhaging Blast and Blood Sights prior to Sharp Bomb so that you can spread the Hemorrhaging Blast rebuff and get the duration boost on Smugglers Chem’s from Improvised Tech.

The ability tree buffs, implants, and tactical that aren’t noted as Build Basics can be changed as needed without jeopardizing the stability of to develop. I have consisted of a complete set of default options that will be most consistently practical in accomplishing what the construct sets out to do.

Stunning Blast offers a more constant damage boost against stronger targets and makes the capability feel more punchy.

In this area, I’ll be covering the capability tree construct and solo ability priority for Saboteur Gunslinger. Please refer to the 7.0 Saboteur Gunslinger Eve Guide if you want more detailed info, particularly on topics referring to tailoring, capabilities, and capability tree options.

Spam Dirty Blast instead if you don’t believe you’ll be able to beat the next opponent by the time the Wounding Shots channel has actually ended. In fps and heroics, you might be able to get away with utilizing Wounding Shots first, and it will come off cooldown by the time you’re made with Unclean Blasts.

  1. Incendiary Grenade.
  2. Target Hack ► Dynamite Charge (repeat on each target).

Strong and Elite Enemies Rotation (mainly Heroics and Flash points).

You should have the ability to complete off a full set of garbage under one Incendiary Grenade, but reapply it if that’s not the case.

Against Standard and Weak Enemies, you’ll want to apply Incendiary Grenade first and after that Target Hack + Explosive Charge to pop each opponent. Incendiary Grenade will detonate Explosive Charge while eliminating the enemy will reset the cooldowns on Target Hack and Explosive Charge.


  1. Bombing Run (pre-cast, if essential).
  2. Go into Cover.
  3. Incendiary Grenade (AOE Dot).
  4. Shock Charge (single-target Dot).
  5. Target Hack ► Explosive Charge (single-target burst).
  6. Speed Shot (single-target channel).
  7. Sabotage (just if essential, AOE burst).
  8. Thermal Grenade (if essential, little AOE).

Sharpshooter Solo Content Ability Tree Build.

Against stronger opponents, you’ll desire to apply Shock Charge initially and follow up Explosive Charge with Speed Shot, and after that, if necessary, Sabotage and Thermal Grenade. Incendiary Grenade must have fallen off right after you do Undermine, however in order to really sustain this, you’ll periodically need to use Thermal Grenade to finish everything off.

How to use this build.

In this area, I’ll be covering the ability tree construct and solo capability priority for Sharpshooter Gunslinger. Please refer to the 7.0 Sharpshooter Gunslinger Eve Guide if you desire more in-depth information, especially on subjects relating to gearing, capabilities, and ability tree options.

Develop Basics:.
Energy Barrels.
Ballistic Redistribution.
Ballistic Dampers.
Bombing Run.
Locked and Filled Implant.
Refraction Point Tactical.

Thermal Grenade occurs to be free and deal a bit of AOE damage, so you may only need to utilize it on the first enemy you remove.

This is the basic priority system you’ll be utilizing your abilities in versus each group of garbage in order to optimize your damage output.

Sharpshooter Gunslinger.

The Active Reload implant does not repair the problem either because Quick draw never ever resets the cooldown on Aimed Shot or Smugglers Luck. The implant would definitely be worth using if the cooldown reset likewise occurred when a target is beat by Quick draw, possibly just with the pro from Intended Shot.

Thankfully, you do still have AOE Penetrating Beats for more difficult content and can finish enemies off with Intended Shot. Penetrating Blasts will hit rather hard in basic and can be utilized on groups in location of Intended Shot, however the radius is rather small, so it typically does not strike everything.

The ability tree buffs, implants, and tactical that aren’t noted as Build Fundamentals can be changed as required without jeopardizing the integrity of the construct. However, I have included a complete set of default choices that will be most regularly valuable in achieving what the construct sets out to do.

We do this order due to the fact that we want the Dots to have as much time to tick as possible, have Explosive Charge drop its Contingency Charges early, and have the ability to deal AOE damage with Sabotage, which is only usable versus targets that are impacted by Shock Charge (the EMP is produced by the probe) and just deals AOE damage if they’ve been amazed by your Energized Rail gun.

This construct is extremely fun for solo content considering that it enables you to one-hit kill requirement and weak opponents with Intended Shot autocrats, making you really seem like a Gunslinger.

The Build Fundamentals are what I think about to be the core components that make the build practical. Without them, the build no longer accomplishes its primary function.

Regrettably, the autocrat Intended Shot will be completely inadequate to take out even basic opponents on level 80 worlds due to the fact that Intended Shot simply does not hit hard enough. It’s never reliable versus stronger enemies either like those found in heroics, however it depends on the world.

  1. Bombing Run (pre-cast, if necessary).
  2. Go into Cover.
  3. If needed), permeating Rounds (.
  4. If essential), trick shot (.
  5. Burst Volley (if essential).
  6. If required), permeating Rounds (.
  7. If required), trick shot (.
  8. Smugglers Luck ► Aimed Shot (finisher, repeat).

This area will cover the core aspects of tailoring and stats for Gunslinger. If you desire a more detailed description, please describe the primary Dirty Battling, Saboteur, and Sharpshooter Eve guides. Do not forget to acquire the tactical items and famous implants I pointed out when referring to specific disciplines!

All 3 disciplines have an ability that has a similar core effect of allowing a particular attack to autocrat (Wounding Shots for Dirty Battling, Explosive Charge for Saboteur, and Aimed Shot for Sharpshooter) and a reward result that’s discipline-specific. For Saboteur and Sharpshooter, you wish to ensure that you’re pairing this ability with every single activation of Dynamite Charge or Intended Shot respectively because it enables you to one-shot most opponents.

These cooldowns allow you to move much faster than you would usually have the ability to go.

These capabilities have some sort of managing effect on your challenger that frequently supply some sort of protective benefit to you.

This ability can disrupt your targets cast or channel and locks them out of activating that capability once again for a brief time. Usually the longer or more threatening-sounding the ability is, the more vital it is to disrupt.

Pulse Detonator.

Pulse Detonator is a 360-degree knock back that roots targets for 5s, though the root breaks on damage. If your feeling overwhelmed by a bunch of melee opponents, think about utilizing this, though take care, as you most likely won’t have the ability to utilize AOE versus the entire group any longer since they’ll all be separated.

Offensive Cooldowns.

These abilities provide some sort of momentary increase to your offense, movement, and/or defense. They are referred to as cooldowns (CDs) due to the fact that they generally just last a short time while having a long cooldown.

Diversion triggers you to toss a smoke bomb that minimizes opponent accuracy substantially, making opponents most likely to miss out on. Toss this if you’re getting shot by a lot of opponents in a little location.

Defense Screen just soaks up a small quantity of damage. If you understand you’re about to take a huge hit or cant afford to take another, It’s nice to utilize to soften the blow.

Hunker Down makes you insusceptible to crowd control and minimizes the damage you take from AOE attacks by a huge quantity. If enemies are knocking you around, attempt to stun you, or use a ton of AOE abilities, use Hunker Down to disregard it.

Major Cooldown Abilities for Gunslingers.

Dirty Fighting is a bit more unique given that it doesn’t have a cooldown and the larger benefit is from the ongoing autocrat to Dot ticks, and you’ll want to use it prior to Sharp Bomb rather than Wounding Shots.

Stat Top priority.

Blood Sights, Target Hack, and Smugglers Luck.


You may wish to group each classification together on your bar, so you can recognize them more easily, though keep them separate from the attacks I noted above.

Bag of Tricks resets the cooldowns on the CDs I simply listed, Defense Screen, Hunker Down, and Give up, in addition to Pulse Detonator. If you feel you need more survivability and run out cooldowns, do not hesitate to pop this.

Bag of Tricks.

Gunslinger Solo Gearing and Stats.

Prohibited Mods’s most useful effect is to reset the cooldown on Blood Sights, though it also improves your weapon damage from attacks like Hemorrhaging Blast, Wounding Shots, and Dirty Blast. If Blood Sights is on cooldown and just right before Sharp Bomb, only utilize it.

Once again, the core concept is to complete opponents off with Intended Shot autocrats. On non-80 planets versus weak or standard opponents, you just need to do that against every enemy in the group. On level 80 worlds and in Heroics, you’ll requirement to integrate Penetrating Rounds and Trick shot to get whatever low for you to pick off with Aimed Shot.


Thanks to the Reset Engagement ability tree enthusiast, Surrender will improve your motion speed significantly for a couple of seconds, purge movement-impairing results, and make you immune to them for the period. You can technically take this buff with all 3 disciplines, not just Filthy Battling, but I do not advise it due to the fact that of its other effect to make Penetrating Beats and Speed Shot knock back the target.

Illegal Mods (Filthy Combating just).

Sharpshooter gains threes of Hunker Down after rolling with.

Hightail It makes you roll forwards 18 m (your max variety is 35 m) and makes you immune to all damage while rolling. It’s a powerful ability to get and prevent big hits out of evade, but it can be difficult to time.

Give up.

Offending cooldowns (OCD’s) increase your damage dealt momentarily. Sometimes they’re more generic increases to everything, other times they only use to particular abilities. It’s crucial to ensure you’re being thoughtful about which capabilities you utilize and attempt to use them as quickly as possible while the increase is active to optimize their effectiveness. Utilize them versus more powerful enemies to beat them quicker.

Crowd Control.

Give up is your most effective defensive cooldown, but it only lasts a brief time, so it truly only works versus particular attacks. You are guaranteed to avoid the damage from weapon attacks like blaster fire and lightsaber swings while substantially lowering the damage drawn from Force and tech attacks.

Protective cooldowns (CDs) increase your survivability momentarily, making it less much likely that you’ll be beat. Use them whenever you’re taking more damage than you can manage.


This capability breaks you out of any controlling impacts. Considering that it has such a long cooldown, only utilize it if you are prevented from doing what you desire to do. If you’re rooted in location however can still strike your target, there’s no need to break totally free.

You can likewise utilize Sweeping Gunfire rather of Permeating Rounds if the latter is unavailable.

Hunker Down.

You can utilize Surrender to reset the cooldown of Hightail It thanks to the Dodge Stance ability tree buff.

Defensive Cooldowns.

Defense Screen.


Surrender (Dirty Fighting just).


  1. Precision to 110.00%– This is the most important stat to reach its threshold due to the fact that attacks that miss out on offer 0 damage and no other stats matter if that happens. You require 110% precision and not just 100% because managers have a 10% possibility to dodge/resist player attacks and any percentage over 100% reduces this chance. Technically, this is just needed versus champions, however it helps in Flash points and against enemies that lower your accuracy or increase their defense chance.
  2. Alacrity to 7.15%– This stat has the second concern because you do not get the complete benefit of the stat unless you are at one of the limits, though It’s still lesser than accuracy due to the fact that your attacks still require striking.
  3. Critical gets the rest– This stat is the most affordable top priority since it does not have actually a limit associated with it like the other two tertiary statistics.

  4. Augments: Blue 276 enhances ([Type] Augment 73 + Enhancement Package Mk-11).

  5. Crystals: Advanced Eviscerating (+41 Crucial).
  6. Relics: Relic of Focused Retribution and Relic of Disastrous Vengeance.
  7. Biochem: Advanced Kyra Median, Proficient Stem, and Attack Adrenal.

Bombing Runs usage is reliant on whether you have the capability readily available and/or desire to use it on that set of garbage mobs. I’d hold off on using it unless there’s an enemy in the group that you think will need a bit more damage to take down. Often they’re more generic increases to whatever, other times they only apply to particular abilities. It’s important to make sure you’re being thoughtful about which capabilities you use and attempt to utilize them as fast as possible while the boost is active to maximize their effectiveness. This ability breaks you out of any controlling impacts.

Discover out which mods to buy from Hyde and Week in SW TOR on the Fleet to reduce your spending and enhance your construct. The devoted guide consists of tips for all roles in both Eve and PVP.

Person Pieces.