Super Stardust Portable is a PSP shooting game, released in PS plus Premium Classics and complemented by trophies.
Trophy hunters will be happy to find out that it also includes a platinum trophy, which makes it a slight addition to your platinum collection.
But this can make you think about how to unlock all the trophies in Super Stardust Portable.

How to get all trophies for Super Stardust Portable

There are 17 trophies for Super Stardust Portable.
They are scattered in different modes, including Arcade, Survival and Endless.
You will need to hone your skills to get them all, including a platinum trophy, a superhero of star dust.
Here are all the trophies in Super Stardust Portable and ways to get them.


  1. superhero of star dust
    • Unlock all trophies in Super Stardust Portable.
  2. Hero Lave
    • Arcades-Planet Lave.
  3. Hero of Argentina
    • Arcades-go through the planet of Corentin.
  4. Hero of Remained
    • Arcades-go through the planet Remain.

  1. Hero of Trains
    • Arcades-pass the planet Trains.
  2. Hero EM OMO
    • Arcades-complete planet for each other
  3. Tokenizer
    • Arkada-collect 5 tokens at a time.
  4. Keeper of tokens
    • Arkada-collect 15 tokens at a time.
  5. Scrooge Macbeth
    • Arkada-get 10 bombs.
  6. Late boomer
    • Bomber-get 15 bombs.
  7. well-prepared
    • Arkada-get 20 bombs.
  8. Blaster shield
    • Arkada-collect 5 shield tokens, already having a shield.
  9. Multiplier hero
    • Arkada-get a 10-fold factor.
  10. The picturesque route
    • Arkada-Complete the planet without using acceleration.
  11. Additional ships at will
    • Endless-hold out for 7 minutes without dying.
  12. Close contacts
    • Survival-hold on for 45 seconds without shooting or using bombs.
  13. Shock and awe
    • Endless-destroy 10 nuclear bombs.
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