Pig (PIG, CEO BAE Youngkin) announced on the 1st that it has updated ‘Squad preset’ at the Last Origin, a mobile character collection type RPG, and released a new skin that can change the appearance of combatants.

‘Squad preset’ is a convenience feature that can store the squad configuration information (combatants, skills, equipment, etc.) in a pre-set slot.

This feature allows you to play the desired squads quickly and easily, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable play.
The preset slot is expected to expand later.

In addition, four new skins that can enjoy the new charm of combatants (‘Car S2’, ‘Waiting for You’, Constant CIA S2
The snowflake ‘Hire of Shenyang) has been released.

Two new skins (‘Car S2,’ Flame Manager Brunhilde ‘) can be obtained as a’ 4th Anniversary Event Ticket ‘provided during the game access by February 19, and
The grace of the grace ‘P-2000 Genera,’ Flower with Flame ‘Hire in Shenyang can be purchased through the store.

Meanwhile, ‘Last Origin’ is holding the 4th Anniversary Connection Event and the 4th Anniversary attendance event until February 19 to share the joy of the 4th anniversary of the service with users.


We will receive various resource items, including new combatants and equipment, to users who have access to the game during this period.

‘Last Origin’ can be downloaded from the one store and other app markets, and more information on game information, updates and events can be found on the official game café and official YouTube channel.