Starting the date number four within the Elements League where the squads seek
First places in the table, following the day to show its power on each occasion they could.
Starting with the battle of Janus Esports against Mezes that had a great ability display from Alan with a Lucian who was well accompanied by the Name of Mad blade that shows a great coupling in the lower part of the crack to be able to punish
the opposites and take the advantage to take things in their favor to end a victory for them.
The second game would be between Bandits against Carissa where we would see a strategic game where Spontaneous would be the protagonist of the encounter with his aggressiveness with Lucian to be able to take an advantage for him, the champion squad keeps things on his side to start pressing the opponents
in the game to be able to finish the meeting on your side.

In the final battle of the day Vandals faced War Legion with a fair couple
of which he would abuse in the fights per team to be able to settle the situation in his favor to give his first victory to WE.
With these results the league table of the elements changes a bit in the middle part, but the tip is still dominated by Carissa that has not known the defeat so far, the dates continue to advance to determine which squads stay with the pass to the pass to
The next stage but for now we see that the situation stays on the side of the current league champion.