• Why solo builds deserve utilizing in SW TOR
  • Virulence Sniper
  • Engineering Sniper
  • Marksmanship Sniper
  • Significant Cooldown Talents for Snipers
  • Sniper Solo Gearing and Statistics


Why solo builds are worth using in SW TOR

In solo material, you’re mainly fighting trash mobs that have so little health that the bulk of opponents won’t be able to endure for more than 2-3 abilities, and you often can’t even get through an entire rotation before that combat encounter is over.

For nearly the entirety of Story history, battling garbage wasn’t fun due to the fact that the battle system didn’t assistance it. Garbage mob encounters rarely last more than a couple of seconds while boss battles and PVP typically last a minimum of a couple of minutes, requiring you to make use of even more capabilities.

I think this disconnect was accountable for making skipping garbage via stealth and cheese such a popular method to playing Eve in SW TOR. BioWare plainly comprehended this and (primarily) solved it by presenting incredibly effective new capability tree buffs and legendary implants that synergize with existing tactical products.

These extremely potent effects form the basis of the solo develops and have the ability to exist without causing (too lots of) balance issues in group material due to the fact that they are short-term and only reliably activate off of combat occasions that are fairly unique to and common when battling garbage mobs.

Stronger single enemies like elites (golds) where you would have the ability to stretch your rotational legs are uncommon enough that you can trivialize them with proper usage of offensive cooldowns (OCD’s) so even they don’t constantly make it through a complete rotation cycle.

Virulence Sniper

In this area, I’ll be covering the capability tree develop and solo ability priority for Virulence Sniper. Please refer to the 7.0 Virulence Sniper Eve Guide if you desire more in-depth details, particularly on subjects referring to gearing, abilities, and capability tree choices.

Virulence Solo Content Capability Tree Build

Destructive Grenade only has a 5 m radius, so It’s hard to get the entire group with 1 toss, so you may require to lob several grenades to spread your Toxins to the entire group. Ideally BioWare buffs the radius of Corrosive Grenade to 8 m, but the ability has been by doing this for the entire lifetime of the game, so it most likely won’t happen.

Because Winnow just resets the cooldown of Cull if you eliminate throughout Cull, you desire to begin with targets that have the most affordable health and work your method as much as the ones with the highest health. If there’s a Strong (silver) or Elite (gold) opponent in the group, make sure to activate Viral Targeting and Target Obtained (if relevant) as quickly as you use Weakening Blast. If you do not think you’ll be able to snuff the life out of the target by the time Cull is over, throw in 1-2 Lethal Shots.

The capability tree buffs, implants, and tactical that aren’t noted as Build Basics can be altered as required without jeopardizing the stability of the build. I have actually consisted of a complete set of default choices that will be most regularly valuable in accomplishing what to develop sets out to do.

This build enables you to poison and deteriorate every opponent in the instant vicinity with Corrosive Dart→ Weakening Blast→ Corrosive Grenade and after that pick off each target with a partial channel of Cull with each death creating a poison surge.

Build Essentials:
Corrosive Technologies
Ballistic Dampers
Collocate OR Orbital Strike
Locked and Filled Implant
Enhanced Targeting Implant
Airborne Agents Tactical

I suggest switching in between Orbital Strike and Collocate as required. Collocate is great to teleport back if you just need to enter into one location to click on something and then return the method you came while Orbital Strike can be used in the meantime as a powerful AOE attack considering that Collocate has a 2-min cooldown.


The Build Essentials are what I think about to be the core parts that make to develop viable. Without them, to develop no longer accomplishes its primary function.

How to utilize this develop

This is the basic rotation you’ll be utilizing your abilities in versus each group of garbage in order to maximize your damage output.

  1. Orbital Strike (pre-cast, if relevant).
  2. Lethal Shot (pre-cast, if relevant).
  3. Destructive Dart (Dot).
  4. Damaging Blast (Dot increase).
  5. Viral Targeting (makes Dots autocrat).
  6. Destructive Grenade (AOE Dot and spread).
  7. Lethal Shot (just when you do not anticipate to end up anything off with Cull).
  8. Cull (finisher, repeat as required).

In this section, I’ll be covering the ability tree build and solo ability top priority for Engineering Sniper. Please describe the 7.0 Engineering Sniper Eve Guide if you desire more comprehensive details, especially on subjects referring to gearing, capabilities, and capability tree options.

Explosive Reset.
Stunning Blast.
Targeting Beam.
Ballistic Dampers.
Locked and Loaded Implant.
Callous Interrogation Tactical.

I prefer utilizing Ruthless Interrogation since you do not require the small amount of extra AOE from MG-2 Poly grade Dispersal Caps on weaker opponents and you’ll need to utilize Interrogation Probe and Series of Shots on more powerful enemies anyway and Interrogation Probe will assist you take those beefier enemies down.

Standard and Weak Enemies Rotation (Routine Garbage).

The Build Fundamentals are what I consider to be the core elements that make the construct practical. Without them, to develop no longer accomplishes its main function.

How to utilize this construct.

You only require a number of abilities to take out weak and basic enemies, however the process is a bit more intricate for stronger ones.

Engineering Sniper.

The ability tree enthusiasts, implants, and tactical that aren’t noted as Build Basics can be changed as needed without compromising the stability of to develop. I have actually consisted of a full set of default choices that will be most consistently practical in accomplishing what to develop sets out to do.

Engineering Solo Content Ability Tree Build.

Make sure you use Damaging Blast and Viral Targeting prior to Corrosive Grenade so that you can spread the Weakening Blast rebuff and get the duration boost on Integrated Toxins from Corrosive Technologies.

Shocking Blast uses a more consistent damage increase versus more powerful targets and makes the ability feel more punchy.

As soon as you’re finished with the opener in solo material, you’ll continue to Choose each opponent one by one until the entire group is dead. Remember to Dot spread from the target that is most central to the group, so you struck the most targets, but when Culling opponents, start from the enemy with the most affordable HP and work your method up, so you might wind up Choosing a various target than you tossed Corrosive Grenade at.

Build Basics:.

Orbital Strikes usage depends on whether you have the capability offered and/or wish to use it on that set of trash mobs. I’d advise conserving it for groups that have a more powerful enemy. Lethal Shot remains in a comparable boat. I’d hold off on utilizing it unless there’s an enemy in the group that you believe will require a bit more damage to take down. A great deal of routine garbage can be gotten with just the Dot spread + specific Culls.

If you don’t believe you’ll be able to defeat the next enemy by the time the Cull channel has actually ended, spam Lethal Shot rather. In fps and heroics, you may be able to get away with Culling initially, and it will come off cooldown by the time you’re made with Lethal Shots.

Explosive Reset and Targeting Beam collaborate to make sure that you get to reuse an autocrat Dynamite Probe versus each enemy with Plasma Probe activating the detonations.

  1. Plasma Probe.
  2. Targeting Systems ► Explosive Probe (repeat on each target).

You need to have the ability to round off a complete set of trash under one Plasma Probe, however reapply it if that’s not the case.

Strong and Elite Opponents Rotation (mostly Heroics and Flash points).

Against Standard and Weak Enemies, you’ll wish to use Plasma Probe first and then Targeting Systems + Dynamite Probe to pop each enemy. Plasma Probe will detonate Dynamite Probe while killing the enemy will reset the cooldowns on Targeting Systems and Explosive Probe.

  1. Orbital Strike (pre-cast, if applicable).
  2. Plasma Probe (AOE Dot).
  3. Interrogation Probe (single-target Dot).
  4. Targeting Systems ► Explosive Probe (single-target burst).
  5. Series of Shots (single-target channel).
  6. EMP Discharge (only if essential, AOE burst).
  7. Fragmentation Grenade (if needed, little AOE).

In this area, I’ll be covering the ability tree build and solo capability top priority for Marksmanship Sniper. Please describe the 7.0 Marksmanship Sniper Eve Guide if you desire more in-depth info, specifically on topics relating to gearing, abilities, and ability tree options.

Because Takedown never resets the cooldown on Ambush or Laze Target, the Active Reload implant does not repair the issue either. The implant would definitely deserve to utilize if the cooldown reset likewise happened when a target is beat by Takedown, possibly just with the pro from Ambush.

This is the basic concern system you’ll be using your abilities in versus each group of trash in order to optimize your damage output.

The capability tree buffs, implants, and tactical that aren’t noted as Build Fundamentals can be changed as required without jeopardizing the integrity of the build. I have consisted of a full set of default options that will be most regularly helpful in accomplishing what to develop sets out to do.

The Build Fundamentals are what I consider to be the core parts that make to develop feasible. Without them, to develop no longer accomplishes its primary function.

The good news is, you do still have AOE Penetrating Blasts for more difficult content and can end up enemies off with Ambush. Penetrating Blasts will hit rather hard in general and can be used on groups in place of Ambush, but the radius is rather small, so it typically doesn’t strike everything.

Targeted Ambush.
Energy Barrel.
Ballistic Redistribution.
Ballistic Dampers.
Orbital Strike.
Locked and Packed Implant.
Refraction Point Tactical.

Marksmanship Solo Material Capability Tree Build.

Fragmentation Grenade occurs to be free and deal a little AOE damage, so you might only require to use it on the first opponent you take down.

We do this order due to the fact that we want the Dots to have as much time to tick as possible, have Dynamite Probe drop its Cluster Bombs early, and be able to deal AOE damage with EMP Discharge, which is just functional against targets that are affected by Interrogation Probe (the EMP is released by the probe) and only deals AOE damage if they’ve been amazed by your Electrified Rail gun.

This build is super enjoyable for solo material given that it allows you to one-hit kill standard and weak opponents with Ambush autocrats, making you really feel like a Sniper.

How to use this construct.

Against more powerful opponents, you’ll wish to use Interrogation Probe initially and follow up Explosive Probe with Series of Shots, and then, if essential, EMP Discharge and Fragmentation Grenade. Plasma Probe need to have fallen off right after you do EMP Discharge, however in order to in fact sustain this, you’ll sometimes require using Fragmentation Grenade to complete whatever off.

Unfortunately, the autocrat Ambush will be completely insufficient to secure even basic enemies on level 80 worlds because Ambush just does not hit hard enough. It’s never reliable versus more powerful opponents either like those found in heroics, but it depends on the planet.

Construct Fundamentals:.

Marksmanship Sniper.

  1. Orbital Strike (pre-cast, if necessary).
  2. Enter Cover.
  3. If necessary), penetrating Blasts (.
  4. Follow through (if required).
  5. Sniper Volley (if needed).
  6. If essential), permeating Blasts (.
  7. If essential), Follow through (.
  8. Laze Target ► Ambush (finisher, repeat).

Diversion causes you to toss a smoke bomb that lowers enemy precision considerably, making enemies more likely to miss out on. Toss this if you’re getting shot by a bunch of opponents in a small location.



This area will cover the core components of tailoring and statistics for Sniper. Please refer to the main Virulence, Engineering, and Marksmanship Eve guides if you desire a more in-depth description. When referring to specific disciplines, do not forget to obtain the legendary implants and tactical products I mentioned!

Countermeasures (Virulence only).

Sniper Solo Gearing and Stats.

You can likewise utilize Suppressive Fire rather of Permeating Blasts if the latter is not available.

You can use Countermeasures to reset the cooldown of Covered Escape thanks to the Incredibly elusive Maneuvers capability tree enthusiast.


This capability breaks you out of any controlling effects. Considering that it has such a long cooldown, just use it if you are prevented from doing what you wish to do. If you’re rooted in place but can still strike your target, there’s no need to break free.

These cooldowns allow you to move much faster than you would normally be able to go.

Often they’re more generic boosts to everything, other times they only use to specific abilities. It’s important to make sure you’re being thoughtful about which capabilities you try and utilize to use them as fast as possible while the increase is active to maximize their efficiency.

Cover Pulse.

These abilities have some sort of managing result on your opponent that frequently offer some sort of defensive benefit to you.

Shield Probe.

Careful Preparation resets the cooldowns on the CDs I just noted, Guard Probe, Entrench, and Countermeasures, as well as Cover Pulse. If you feel you need more survivability and run out cooldowns, do not think twice to pop this.

This capability can interrupt your targets cast or channel and locks them out of activating that capability again for a brief time. Normally the longer or more threatening-sounding the ability is, the more crucial it is to disrupt.

You may wish to group each classification together on your bar, so you can recognize them more quickly, though keep them separate from the attacks I listed above.

Countermeasures are your most powerful protective cooldown, however it only lasts a brief time, so it truly just works against singular attacks. You are guaranteed to avoid the damage from weapon attacks like blaster fire and lightsaber swings while substantially lowering the damage taken from Force and tech attacks.

Target Gotten (Virulence just).

Crowd Control.

Target Acquired most beneficial impact is to reset the cooldown on Viral Targeting, though it likewise improves your weapon damage from attacks like Weakening Blast, Cull, and Lethal Shot. If Viral Targeting is on cooldown and only ideal prior to Corrosive Grenade, just utilize it.

Viral Targeting, Targeting Systems, and Laze Target.

Marksmanship gains threes of Entrench after rolling with.

Virulence is a bit more special because it doesn’t have a cooldown and the larger benefit is from the continuous autocrat to Dot ticks, and you’ll desire to use it before Corrosive Grenade rather than Cull.

Cover Pulse is a 360-degree knock back that roots targets for fives, though the root breaks on damage. If your feeling overwhelmed by a lot of melee opponents, think about using this, though beware, as your likely won’t be able to use AOE versus the entire group anymore due to the fact that they’ll all be separated.

These capabilities offer some sort of short-lived boost to your offense, movement, and/or defense. They are described as cooldowns (CDs) since they typically only last a brief time while having a long cooldown.

All 3 disciplines have a capability that has a comparable core effect of making it possible for a specific attack to autocrat (Cull for Virulence, Dynamite Probe for Engineering, and Ambush for Marksmanship) and a bonus offer effect that’s discipline-specific. For Engineering and Marksmanship, you want to make sure that you’re pairing this capability with every single activation of Explosive Probe or Ambush respectively since it allows you to one-shot most opponents.

Covered Escape.


Covered Escape makes you roll forwards 18 m (your max range is 35 m) and makes you insusceptible to all damage while rolling. It’s a powerful capability to prevent big hits and get out of evade, however it can be hard to time.

Defensive Cooldowns.

Once again, the core idea is to end up enemies off with Ambush autocrats. On non-80 planets against standard or weak enemies, you just need to do that versus every opponent in the group. On level 80 planets and in Heroics, you’ll requirement to integrate Penetrating Blasts and Follow through to get whatever low for you to pick off with Ambush.

Precise Preparation.

Entrench makes you insusceptible to crowd control and minimizes the damage you draw from AOE attacks by an enormous quantity. If enemies are knocking you around, try to stun you, or use a ton of AOE capabilities, utilize Entrench to disregard it.



Defensive cooldowns (CDs) increase your survivability briefly, making it less much likely that you’ll be beat. Use them whenever you’re taking more damage than you can handle.

Major Cooldown Talents for Snipers.

Offensive Cooldowns.

Thanks to the Reestablish Range capability tree enthusiast, Countermeasures will increase your motion speed significantly for a few seconds, purge movement-impairing results, and make you insusceptible to them for the period. You can technically take this enthusiast with all 3 disciplines, not simply Virulence, however I do not advise it since of its other impact to make Permeating Blasts and Series of Shots knock back the target.

Stat Top priority.

Guard Probe just absorbs a percentage of damage. It’s nice to use to soften the blow if you understand you’re ready to take a success or cant manage to take another.

  1. Accuracy to 110.00%– This is the most crucial stat to reach its limit due to the fact that attacks that miss offer 0 damage and no other stats matter if that happens. Due to the fact that employers have a 10% opportunity to dodge/resist player attacks and any percentage over 100% minimizes this possibility, you require 110% accuracy and not simply 100%. Technically, this is just required against champs, however it helps in Flash points and versus opponents that minimize your accuracy or increase their defense chance.
  2. Alacrity to 7.15%– This stat has the 2nd top priority due to the fact that you do not get the complete benefit of the stat unless you are at one of the thresholds, though It’s still lesser than accuracy due to the fact that your attacks still require striking.
  3. Vital gets the rest– This stat is the most affordable concern due to the fact that it does not have actually a limit related to it like the other two tertiary stats.

Discover which mods to acquire from Hyde and Week in SW TOR on the Fleet to reduce your costs and optimize your develop. The dedicated guide consists of ideas for all functions in both Eve and PVP.

  • Enhances: Blue 276 augments ([Type] Augment 73 + Enhancement Set Mk-11).
  • Crystals: Advanced Eviscerating (+41 Critical).
  • Relics: Relic of Focused Retribution and Relic of Destructive Revenge.
  • Biochem: Advanced Kyra Median, Proficient Stem, and Attack Adrenal.

Orbital Strikes usage is reliant on whether you have the capability available and/or want to utilize it on that set of garbage mobs. On non-80 planets versus weak or standard enemies, you just require to do that versus every opponent in the group. In some cases they’re more generic boosts to whatever, other times they just apply to particular abilities. It’s essential to make sure you’re being thoughtful about which capabilities you use and try to utilize them as quickly as possible while the increase is active to maximize their efficiency. This ability breaks you out of any controlling results.

Person Pieces.