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  • Why solo builds deserve using in SW TOR
  • Serenity Shadow Solo Build
  • Seepage Shadow Solo Build
  • Significant Cooldown Abilities for Shadows
  • Shadow DPS Solo Gearing and Stats

Why solo builds are worth using in SW TOR

I think this disconnect was accountable for making skipping trash through stealth and cheese such a popular method to playing Eve in SW TOR. BioWare clearly comprehended this and (primarily) resolved it by introducing very powerful brand-new ability tree enthusiasts and legendary implants that synergize with existing tactical products.

These extremely powerful results form the basis of the solo constructs and have the ability to exist without causing (too numerous) balance concerns in group content because they are brief and only reliably activate off of battle occasions that are relatively unique to and common when battling trash mobs.

In solo content, you’re mainly battling trash mobs that have so little health that the majority of enemies won’t be able to survive for more than 2-3 abilities, and you typically can’t even make it through an entire rotation prior to that fight encounter is over.

For practically the whole of Story history, battling trash wasn’t fun because the combat system didn’t support it. Trash mob encounters seldom last more than a couple of seconds while employer fights and PVP typically last at least a couple of minutes, requiring you to use even more capabilities.

Stronger single opponents like elites (golds) where you would be able to stretch your rotational legs are rare enough that you can trivialize them with appropriate use of offending cooldowns (OCD’s) so even they do not always make it through a complete rotation cycle.

Peacefulness Shadow Solo Build

In this area, I’ll be covering the capability tree build and solo ability top priority for Peacefulness Shadow. Please refer to the 7.0 Peacefulness Shadow Eve Guide if you want more comprehensive details, especially on topics relating to gearing, abilities, and ability tree choices.

Serenity Solo Material Capability Tree Build

The ability tree buffs, implants, and tactical that aren’t listed as Build Basics can be altered as required without compromising the stability of the build, though I have actually consisted of a complete set of default choices that will be most regularly handy in accomplishing what to develop sets out to do.

The Build Basics are what I think about to be the core components that make to develop practical. Without them, the construct no longer achieves its primary function.

Build Essentials:

In Flash points, use Longing Force and Ensue instead and make sure to use the 2 Time Trouble tactical.

Stabilizing Field
Damage Ray
Force Stage
Stalkers Swiftness
Shadow craft Implant
Force Training Implant

This construct leverages the cooldown resets on enemy eliminates from Balancing Field, Hallowing, Stalkers Speed, and Shadow craft to enable you to spam autocrats of your most effective attacks, consisting of Force in Balance and Squelch, on each group of trash. You’ll only require to use your Dots and Dot spread versus stronger opponents that you’ll discover in heroics.

Your option of tactical item doesn’t matter much at all, and I believe there’s an argument to be made for all of them, including even Severance Chant and pay of Regeneration, so play around with each of them and see which you like best. Make sure to take Cleaving Cut and Force Magnetism if you’re using Severance Pay.

In my opinion, this is among the most powerful solo content integrates in the entire video game. The high damage output provided by this construct is incredibly short-lived and unsustainable since it consumes a ton of Force and relies almost completely on you constantly killing enemies and leaving battle.

How to utilize this develop

This is the general concern system you’ll be utilizing your capabilities in against each group of trash in order to maximize your damage output.

  1. Get in Stealth
  2. Shadow Stride (to enemy you plan to defeat very first).
  3. Force in Balance (AOE spam).
  4. Squelch (against enemy w/ the highest HP).
  5. Whirling Blow (just to finish numerous opponents off right away).
  6. Sever Force ► Force Breach ► Whirling Blow (Heroics/FPs only).
  7. Spinning Strike AND/OR Calmness Strike (finisher).
  8. Saber Strike (just if you need more Force).
  9. Double Strike.

Seepage Shadow Solo Build.

In this area, I’ll be covering the capability tree construct and solo ability top priority for Infiltration Shadow. Please refer to the 7.0 Infiltration Shadow Eve Guide if you want more in-depth information, especially on topics referring to gearing, capabilities, and capability tree options.

I recommend taking Battle Readiness and Voltaic Engine to enhance your damage output and survivability against higher-health opponents, but they’re not needed. Do not trouble trying to keep the CRT chance from Voltaic Engine on regular trash.

The ability tree enthusiasts, implants, and tactical that aren’t listed as Build Basics can be changed as needed without compromising the integrity of the build, though I have included a complete set of default choices that will be most consistently handy in achieving what the build sets out to do.

Develop Essentials.

A number of Forces in Balances is frequently sufficient to secure some basic garbage mobs by itself, though it will end up being less and less consistent as you go to higher-level worlds. At max level, you’ll usually require ending up off basic enemies with a Whirling Blow and more powerful opponents with a Squelch (which must also autocrat) followed by beefy melee attacks like Spinning Strike and Tranquility Strike.

Generally, you’ll Shadow Stride in from Stealth and begin spamming Force in Balance. Thanks to Balancing Field, you’ll have 2 charges and bring back a charge each time you defeat an enemy. These Force in Balances should be autocrats due to the fact that of your Shadow craft famous implant, but be fast about triggering your abilities due to the fact that you just get autocrats for the very first 6 seconds of battle, which suffices time to trigger 4 abilities.

You don’t have to stress as much about developing Voltage because you’ll be getting 3 stacks of Static Charge from other sources, though you will still need to construct 1 stack with Cleaving Cut (chosen), Whirling Blow, or Clairvoyant Strike to turn Force Breach into an AOE.

This develops is created and meant to be used solely for solo material and utilizes the May Cause Injury Tactical. The signature feature of this construct is that you can take out numerous groups of opponents with Cleaving Cut + autocrat Force Breach and anything that’s still left standing gets whacked with Rising Slash cries.

In employer fights in FPs, switch Absolver to Penetrating Slash and May Cause Injury to The Awakened Flame.

Please note that the May Cause Injury develop usages 2 CRT implants, so you’ll need to get an extra piece of alacrity or offer up Dynamic Force in favor of Force Training. Dynamic Force is more important with this build since it will enable you to use Force Potency for each single trash pull without needing to linger.

Force Stage.
Cleaving Cut.
Stalkers Speed.
May Cause Injury Tactical.
Shadow craft Legendary Implant.
Dynamic Force Legendary Implant.

Often, Shadow Strides cooldown may not reset if you’re too slow, however Shadow craft makes it, so Force Cloak resets the cooldown on Shadow Stride, so if it’s nice is you have that available.

You’ll just require to Dot spread against numerous strong and elites (silvers and golds) when Force in Balance spam is wholly inadequate, which you’ll usually only find in Heroics and Flash points.

The Build Basics are what I consider to be the core components that make to develop practical. Without them, to develop no longer accomplishes its primary function.

Infiltration Solo Content Capability Tree Build.

This is the basic top priority system you’ll be using your abilities in against each group of garbage in order to optimize your damage output.

Saber Strike and Double Strike should just be utilized when you have absolutely nothing else, which should just occur regularly against elites (golds) if you aren’t using Quick Escalation. If you need more Force or Double Strike if you don’t, Usage Saber Strike.

How to utilize this construct.

  1. Get in Stealth.
  2. Force Potency.
  3. Shadow Stride (to enemy you prepare to beat very first).


  1. Cleaving Cut (attempt to cleave as lots of enemies as possible).
  2. Force Breach (just with 3 stacks of Breaching Shadows).

  1. Vaulting Slash (to beat lowest-health opponent).
  2. Spinning Strike and Shadow Strike (secondary finishers).
  3. Psychokinetic Blast (if more damage is required).
  4. If absolutely nothing else is readily available), clairvoyant Strike (.

This area will cover the core components of gearing and statistics for Shadow DPS. Please refer to the main Calmness or Infiltration Eve guides if you want a more comprehensive description. Don’t forget to acquire the legendary implants and tactical products I discussed when referring to specific disciplines!

Stat Concern.

Force Speed makes you move faster than you would while installed for a couple of seconds. The result is super short, however you have maximum control over where you desire to go.

Crowd Control.

Offensive Cooldowns.

This capability can interrupt your targets cast or channel and locks them out of triggering that capability again for a short time. Usually the longer or more threatening-sounding the ability is, the more crucial it is to disrupt.



These cooldowns enable you to move much faster than you would usually be able to go. Thanks to the Force Phase ability tree enthusiast, you’ll likewise be insusceptible to slows and roots while they’re active and purge any mobility rebuffs upon activation.

Durability makes you disregard all damage from Force and tech attacks for a couple of seconds. Force and tech damage are simply non-weapon damage from Force and tech wielders. Basically, Strength will work against all attacks that Deflection can’t safeguard you from.

Force Stun.

Shadow Stride makes you instantly teleport to your target and enhances your movement speed for a few seconds. If you defeat whatever you teleported to within 10s, it also makes Spinning Strike offered to utilize and its cooldown is reset. Your attacks will autocrat for the next Sixes if you activate Shadow Stride from stealth.

Offending cooldowns (OCD’s) increase your damage dealt temporarily. Sometimes they’re more generic increases to whatever, other times they only use to particular capabilities. It’s essential to ensure you’re being thoughtful about which capabilities you use and attempt to utilize them as quick as possible while the boost is active to optimize their efficiency. Utilize them against more powerful opponents to beat them faster.

Force Potency makes your next 2 Force abilities will be ensured important hits, leading to it dealing 70%+ more damage. Each time you leave combat in Seepage, the cooldown of the ability is efficiently reset, suggesting you can utilize this in every single battle encounter.

Defensive cooldowns (CDs) increase your survivability momentarily, making it less much likely that you’ll be defeated.

You might wish to group each category together on your bar, so you can acknowledge them more easily, though keep them separate from the attacks I noted above.

The Force Stun capability stuns the target for a brief time, avoiding them from doing anything, enabling you to do anything without needing to fret about them retaliating.

These capabilities use some sort of short-term increase to your offense, mobility, and/or defense. Since they generally only last a brief time while having a long cooldown, they are referred to as cooldowns (CDs).

Mind Labyrinth.

Durability (Serenity Just).

Shadow Stride.

Force Strength.

This ability fezzes the target for a very long time. If the target takes damage, fezzes are stuns that end early. Mind Maze can just be used from stealth versus 1 target at a time while you’re both out of battle.

Most enemies hit by Cleaving Cut will decrease for the count with the AOE Force Breach, and the ones you missed can be completed off with Vaulting Slashes cries. If that wasn’t enough, quickly do Spinning Strike→ Psychokinetic Blast and ideally, that will be enough. If you’re too slow, you won’t get the cooldown reset on all of your attacks, so make certain to just use Rising Slash against enemies that have low adequate health that a Vaulting Slash CRT will be able to finish them off.

Fight Readiness makes your increases the general damage dealt by Psychokinetic Blast and can make your melee attacks deal more damage. When you activate it and whenever your damage gets increased, you likewise receive healing.

Force Cloak takes you out of battle, puts you in stealth, and removes all removable hostile rebuffs, allowing you to run away and recover up without enemies chasing after you.

Defensive Cooldowns.

Generally, you’ll trigger Force Strength, Shadow Stride in from Stealth offering you 3 stacks of Static Charge and Shadow craft, allowing single-target autocrat Force Breach, then cleave the group with Cleaving Cut to boost Force Breach damage further and make it possible for Force Breach to be an AOE.

For Calmness, Mass Mind Control grants a substantial chunk of damage decrease for a brief time. Unlike Durability and Deflection, Mass Mind Control works against everything, however the defense is weaker.

Deflection substantially increases your chance to entirely prevent taking damage from weapon attacks like blaster fire and lightsaber swings.

Mass Mind Control (Tranquility Just).

Force Cloak.

Shadow DPS Solo Gearing and Stats.

Battle Preparedness (Seepage Only).

Force of Will.

This capability breaks you out of any controlling impacts. Because it has such a long cooldown, only utilize it if you are avoided from doing what you wish to do. For instance, if you’re rooted in location but can still strike your target, there’s no need to break complimentary.

Force Speed.

Normally, you only require to hold back on Vaulting Slash versus more powerful enemies on top-level worlds. On low-level worlds, sometimes AOE Force Breach will be enough on its own.

I am also including crowd control (CC) here due to the fact that their function is similar, though I am only pointing out capabilities you’ll have access to and work in solo content.

Major Cooldown Talents for Shadows.

Mind Snap.

  1. Since attacks that miss offer 0 damage and no other statistics matter if that occurs, precision to 110.00%– This is the most crucial stat to reach its threshold. You require 110% accuracy and not just 100% since employers have a 10% possibility to dodge/resist player attacks and any percentage over 100% reduces this possibility. Technically, this is only required versus champions, however it helps in Flash points and versus enemies that reduce your accuracy or increase their defense chance.
  2. Alacrity to 7.15%– This stat has the 2nd priority due to the fact that you do not get the full advantage of the stat unless you are at one of the thresholds, though it’s still less essential than precision since your attacks still need to strike.
  3. Due to the fact that it does not have actually a limit associated with it like the other 2 tertiary statistics, critical gets the rest– This stat is the least expensive priority.

Generally, you’ll Shadow Stride in from Stealth and begin spamming Force in Balance. These Force in Balances ought to be autocrats because of your Shadow craft legendary implant, however be fast about triggering your capabilities since you only get autocrats for the very first 6 seconds of combat, which is the adequate time to trigger 4 capabilities.

  • Augments: Blue 276 enhances ([Type] Augment 73 + Enhancement Package Mk-11).
  • Crystals: Advanced Eviscerating (+41 Vital).
  • Relics: Antique of Focused Retribution and Relic of Destructive Vengeance.
  • Biochem: Advanced Kyra Median, Proficient Stem, and Attack Adrenal.

A lot of opponents hit by Cleaving Cut will go down for the count with the AOE Force Breach, and the ones you missed out on can be ended up off with Rising Slashes cries. Durability makes you neglect all damage from Force and tech attacks for a few seconds. Force and tech damage are just non-weapon damage from Force and tech wielders.

Learn which mods to buy from Hyde and Week in SW TOR on the Fleet to minimize your spending and optimize your construct. The devoted guide consists of tips for all functions in both Eve and PVP.

Person Pieces.