I desire to participate in competitions once again, feel the pain in the legs, but also to have done my finest or about a win, stated Quinton at a press conference in Colombia’s capital Bogotá, such as the Colombian newspaper El Tempo
reported on Wednesday (local time).
This countered the 32-year-old media reports that he had actually chosen to offer up cycling.
Rather, he wished to try to find a brand-new group.
The former Giro and Delta winner from Colombia was withdrew the sixth location at the Tour de France in 2015 after making use of the Tramadol painkillers had actually been shown.
According to the UCI, Tramadol is not a doping offense, but an offense of the medical rules of the World Cycling Association.
The International Sports Court had actually declined the climbing up specialist’s objection.
A lock did not result in the offense.
Quinton then ended his season prematurely and announced his goodbye to the French group Arkea-Samsic after 3 years.
Where the two-time tour works on is not yet known.
His greatest successes were the general victory at Giro d’Italia (2014) and the Delta (2016).

Quinton announces talks in Europe

Quinton thanked the Colombian groups in Bogotá who had actually offered him a place.
However, my interest is to keep the nation’s flag up at the big races of the world, he stated.


I will travel to Europe and take a seat with the various teams, talk to them, speak with my supervisor and leave this hard phase behind me. I hope that I can continue to accomplishment in the most significant races in the world.
However, it should not be easy for Quinton to discover a team.
In many cases, the teams of the top groups are currently filled with 30 drivers.

In addition, the season has currently started with the tour down under.
The UAE tour continues in February prior to the traditional season starts in March.
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