In Bit life, you’ll find all sorts of challenges for players to explore, with new ones being introduced every day. One of these challenges is the Material Girl Challenge, which can be completed in a matter of minutes – but it’s not easy!

Challenges A Bit life are extremely fast to get the players to explore all possible functions of the video game, such as:
Sometimes, nevertheless, these challenges focus more on the lifestyle and how to make the best of what you have.
The best example of this would be the material Lady Difficulty, which shows the player from his best side and guarantees that he gains the benefits.


If you want to master this challenge, read on to discover out how.

How to master the Material Woman Obstacle in Bit life

Similar to most weekly difficulties in Bit life, you need to attain 5 primary objectives before you can complete the difficulty.
If you are 18 years old so that you can go through school as you want, every action of the challenge can just be accomplished.
Simply make sure that you do not get a full-time position right after graduation.
The following list explains every difficulty that you need to satisfy before you can complete the challenge.
Marital relationship at least 5 Sugar Daddies
Never sign a marital relationship contract
Never hold a job
Buy fashion jewelry worth $2 million while you are married
Buy a luxury yacht
The most essential element of the obstacle is never to work, which represents a full-time position.
Naturally, you are complimentary to work part-time to earn additional cash for elegant purchases, but if you make certain that your partners are wealthy and never sign a marriage contract to sacrifice your earnings, you don’t have to stress over work.
Another crucial action is to issue two million dollars for fashion jewelry.
This can be done through the Activities tab by scrolling down to shop and after that choosing a jewelry store.
There are no limitations on what you can purchase as long as you have the money, and given the variety of Sugar Daddies that you have to wed for this obstacle, you need to never be neglected.

The exact same applies to the purchase of a luxury yacht that is available for boats through the specialist dealership.
As quickly as you have actually mastered all the above obstacles without signing a marriage agreement or working full-time, you are a main product girl.
Bit life is readily available on mobile phones.
– This post was upgraded on December 19, 2022