Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 recovers the family faces of Freddy, Girl and Bonnie in a new toy format, as well as a series of new, mysterious and spooky characters.
From wandering animatronics to spooky puppets and stalking, here are all the characters of Five Night At Freddy’s 2 you will find in the game.

All FNaF characters 2: Gallery and Descriptions

Freddy toy

Image Source: Scott games
Toy Freddy is Freddy Fanfare’s animatronic brand and the character used in the game’s promotional work.
Identifiable with its new bright appearance and red cheeks, you will know that you must be attentive to this ancient animatronic.

Toy Bonnie

Image Source: Scott games
Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 Discard Bonnie and replace purple bunny with Toy Bonnie.
Toy Bonnie’s appearance differs more than Toy’s three designs, changing the tones of lavender to blue.
In addition to this, Bonnie now has the circular cheeks of the other designs of exaggerated toys and eyelashes.

Toy girl

Image Source: Scott games
Toy Chica is the girl replacement animation, and although its design mimics the original, there are several differences.
Toy Chica has a pink circular cheeks, very similar to the other Toy units, and his bib replaces the Let’s eat!
As a girl.
Phrase with Let’s party!
In addition to this, Toy Chica is thinner and has a much more feminine appearance.


Image Source: Scott games
Mangle is Foxy’s reinvented version and is one of Toy’s animatronics.
Mangle is also the most drastic animatronic renewal, changing the red color palette and the patch in Foxy’s eye for a white body and pink reflexes.
Mangle’s name fits well;
This poor animatronic is discarded and very damaged, leaving cables and metal protruding from his twisted body.

Child Globe

Image Source: Scott games
Balloon Boy, also known as BB, is one of the characters that debuted in FNaF 2. Balloon Boy is a small and creepy childhood animatronic to which you will hear and greet you with spooky Hello and Hello throughout the night.
He can be identified by his red and blue attire, red cheeks, propeller hat, balloon and sign.

Not a word

Image Source: Scott games
JJ is a hidden animatronic in FNaF 2, which seems to be a counterpart of Balloon Boy, taking a blue and purple scheme compared to the red and blue of BB.
Rarely, players can find JJ hidden under the office desk.

The puppet

Image Source: Scott games
The puppet, also known as the puppet, is a new animatronic included in FNaF 2. The puppet has a long and thin body and limbs, a face shaped like a mask, red cheeks and purple marks in the form of tears.
Marionette is the only character in which Freddy Mask will not work, so keep your eyes open.

Freddy withered

Image Source: Scott games
Withered Freddy is the animatronic Freddy Fanfare of FNaF 1. After the first game events, Freddy’s animatronic has been discarded and worn, with multiple rasgadures, loose cables and a visibly dirty fur.
You will definitely want to see your spooky sunken eyes during the night shift!

Bonnie withered

Image Source: Scott games
The poor witch Bonnie looks quite different from that of FNaF, since he lacks the entire front of the face and left arm.


Withered Bonnie’s red and bright eyes are visible between his head’s open wiring, and his teeth align in his open lower jaw, creating a fairly disturbing animatronic.

withered girl

Image Source: Scott games
Withered Chica’s fur is full and torn in several places, and his jaw is stretched, exposing his exoskeleton.
Not only this, but the girl’s hands are completely missing, leaving the exposed cables.
Unfortunately, because of this, the poor girl can no longer hold her cake.

Avid withered

Image Source: Scott games
Foxy in FNaF 1 already had enough wear, and the poor pirate has only declined even more in FNaF 2. The Withered Foxy’s eye patch is raised, revealing his right eye, and his jaw is stretched down.
He also lacks the left ear and several limbs lack the fur.

Freddy Dorado

Image Source: Scott games
Golden Freddy is a rare animatronic that can appear in the game.
Golden Freddy has a crooked head, dark eyes, gold-dyed fur and a bluish bow tie and hat.
Be careful if you see Golden Freddy because if you do not react on time, he will force the closing of the game.

Freddy Shadow

Image Source: Scott games

Shadow Freddy is a dark purple animatronic bear with loose cables, lacks the left ear, darkened sclera and disturbing white eyes.
Shadow Freddy is a rare encounter in FNaF 2 with a small possibility of appearing in the pieces/service room, sitting where Bonnie can normally be seen.
However, be careful;
If you look at Shadow Freddy for a long time, he will force the game.


Image Source: Scott games
RWQFSFASXC, also known as Shadow Bonnie, or RXQ, is an animatronic bunny and a hidden character in FNaF 2. RXQ is a dark animatronic, similar to a shadow, with white and bright eyes and teeth.
RXQ is extremely rare, with a possibility among one million that appears on the left side of the office.

Fred bear

Image Source: Scott games
While you will not see Fred bear in FNaF 2, he mentions it for the first time in this game as the original Fred bears Family and the cause of the 1983 bite. Fred bear is a yellow/golden animatronic with black sclera, white eyes, white eyes,
and a purple bow tie and a hat.

Jeremy Fitzgerald

Image Source: Scott games
You will not see Jeremy Fitzgerald during FNaF 2, but it turns out that he is the worker of the night shift with whom you will play.
When completing the game and finish your turn, you will receive Jeremy’s payment check from Fanfare Entertainment.

Fritz Smith

Image Source: Scott games
Fritz Smith is the playable night guard in the seventh personalized night of FNaF 2. While working at the time after Jeremy’s turn events, it is speculated that Jeremy and Fritz are the same characters with different from Aka.
At the end of the night, Fritz receives a pink slip and is fired for manipulating animatronics.

purple boy

Image source: Scott games through
William Acton, better known as Purple Guy, is the main anatomist of the FNaF series.
Purple Guy is the character responsible for designing the animatronics and making them pursue and kill young children.
In FNaF 2, it appears as a purple figure shadow-shaped in miniguegos of arcade-style pixels that slowly unravel its history.
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