Happy Elements announced that it will hold a collaboration event with Dev Sister’s Cookie Run IP at its idol development 3D LIVE rhythm game ‘ensemble Stars !!’.

This collaboration is ‘ensemble Stars !!’
It will be held from December 20 to 31 as a special event prepared for the first limited number of Korea.

In ‘ensemble Stars !!’, this collaboration event will feature two collaboration cards of Cookie Run’s representative characters ‘Brave Cookie’ and ‘Marisa and Chick’ and two three-star collaboration cards.
The characters of ensemble Star !! The character ‘Himalaya Tori’ and ‘Ogam Yoga’ are surprised and appear in the clothes of ‘Strawberry Creep Make’ and ‘Iron Chico Cochin Cookie’ style.
This collaboration event offers three collaboration cards and rewards.

In addition, the ensemble Stars of ensemble Stars !! Idols of the ensemble Run characters who opened the store in the game can receive a replacement item by ordering and delivering snacks ordered by users.


If you reach a certain quantity, you can exchange it with special rewards such as collaboration cards.

An official of Happy Elimination said, Cookie Run is one of the popular Korean IPs around the world, and cute characters are loved by the young people, especially the young people.

Since there are a lot of young fans, I hope this collaboration will give users twice as much joy.

Meanwhile, more details about ensemble Stars !!