It’s been one year since the release of the Nintendo Switch. I was a believer from the beginning, and I’m still a believer now. As much as I want to see Microsoft and Sony outdo Nintendo, they haven’t yet. The Nintendo Switch is a console that not only offers great games, but also has an unmatched portability.

The PS5 and Xbox Series are genuine Next gene consoles?
I do not know.
They offer powerful hardware, however a damn important function is in fact only on the switch.
That is better!
A comment by Robert Cowlick.

Change owners had to wait 4 years for Bluetooth audio

On September 15, 2021, in my eyes, one of the most essential system updates for the Nintendo Switch appeared.
More than 4 years after the start of console, Nintendo finally donated Bluetooth audio assistance to his handheld console.
Ever since, gamers have actually had the ability to pair their earphones or speakers with the console without using a Dongle-a dream!

and what about PS5 and Xbox Series?

If even the Nintendo Switch Bluetooth-Audio supports, you should think that PS5 and Xbox Series likewise bring the function of house, right?
Puff cake!
Anyone who attempts to link an audio gadget via Bluetooth to the Sony console will be challenged with this message instead:
The PS5 does not support Bluetooth audio accessories- it looks comparable with the Xbox Series, only does not support them in contrast to the PS5 at all.
Sony uses the standard for its controllers.


So why not on earphones and speakers?
This need to mainly be due to the fact that Sony and Microsoft want you to buy your main cordless headsets, whose prices are around 100 euros.

there are workarounds, however…

After all, there is still the possibility to connect your Bluetooth headset to the PS5 with some managing around.
Sony himself recommends purchasing a matching adapter/ Dongles with present Bluetooth standards that merely costs a tremendous 44.99 euros (source: PlayStation Blog).
What is strangely pointed out in the blog, on the other hand, is the reality that the entire thing works totally free of charge if you own a current television with Bluetooth assistance.

You can quickly combine your Bluetooth headset with the paint and the TV is all set.
The only issue: your microphone is not connected to the PS5 in this way.
We are honest: everything doesn’t feel.
A console is just thought that you need to tinker with just possible or not?
And the argument that the audio quality or latency via Bluetooth is merely overtaken.
When playing a competitive shooter, this can be the tongue on the scales-but for a lot of players, the few milliseconds should no longer play a function.
Incidentally, this is not the only set screw to which Sony still needs to turn:
And even if so, then Microsoft and Sony could still provide me the choice and, after coupling, explain with a pop-up that the audio quality might not be able to keep up with that of its in-house products.
However, please let me select!
Because the fact that I can not easily use my Bluetooth earphones in 2022 with your consoles is simply embarrassing.