The peculiar YouTuber MrBet arrives in Fortnite this week with not one, but two new skins, and in addition to the form that h catapulted fame: making players earn money;
There is a prize of one million dollars at stake.
We give you all the information about the MrBet Skin and the extreme challenge of MrBet of Fortnite Chapter 4 just below:

MrBet extreme challenge in Fortnite: dates and schedules

On Saturday, December 17, 2022, from 6:00 p.m. CET to 9:00 p.m. CET is celebrated in Fortnite the extreme challenge of MrBet.
That is, at the following hours in different Spanish-speaking territories:
Spain (Peninsula and Balearic Islands): 18: 00h (local time) on Saturday, December 17.
Spain (Canary Islands): 17: 00h (local time) on Saturday, December 17.
Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay: 13: 00h (local time) on Saturday, December 17.
Bolivia, Cuba, Dominican Republic and Venezuela: 12: 00h (local time) on Saturday, December 17.
Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama and Peru: 11: 00h (local time) on Saturday, December 17.


  • Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Hondur and Nicaragua: 10: 00h (local time) on Saturday, December 17.
    The extreme challenge of MrBet is to participate in a map of the creative mode of Fortnite trying to survive all the tests.
    The island code is 7990-6907-8565, although we can also enter the map from the Discover tab.
    When we participate on Saturday, December 17 at the indicated time, the recorded score will be the best we get, and this will determine our clsification.
    The best player will earn a million dollars, and if we are among the 100,000 best, we will get the Golden Paraguay Delta free.
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