A recent WoW blog post announced that longtime World of Warcraft senior story developer Chris Met zen is returning to the game’s development team to work on new character-driven stories.

For lots of fans of World of Warcraft, this is favorable news: The story veteran Chris Met zen returns to the WoW group.
Anyone who holds on the old Blizzard has had to accept some severe setbacks over the last few years.
Not just is there talk of the company’s huge scandals, however likewise of the departure of lots of popular and popular designers.
Among them was Chris Met zen, whom lots of call the forefather of Warcraft.
Anybody who has actually never ever handled this departure can now be happy-because Chris Met zen is back in the WoW team.
What would be announced?
John High, the existing General Supervisor from the Warcraft franchise, revealed the return of Chris Met zen through Twitter.
In the tweet he stated:

Citizens of Zeroth,

With terrific pleasure, I today announce that Chris Met zen joined the Warcraft management team as an imaginative expert.
Chris will initially focus on World of Warcraft and after that expand his work on other jobs in the growing franchise.

Chris was one of the initial employee who operated at the Warcraft universe at the time in 1994, and we are so delighted to integrate him again with the world with whose production he assisted.
Who is Chris Met zen?
Chris Met zen is among Blizzard’s earliest members and may have remembered long-time veterans from World of Warcraft.
It is thought about the innovative head behind the story and a large part of the world of Zeroth came from.
Incidentally, Met zen also speaks some important characters in the English original of World of Warcraft-including the Orc Thrall or the former fire princes Ragnarok.
Chris Met zen stopped at Blizzard in 2016 due to the fact that he struggled with numerous illness, including burnout.
Community is commemorating the return: the report is quite well gotten in the gamer and numerous see this return as another success of Wow, which becomes part of the current occasions.
In the WoW Subreddit, the statement reached over 6,000 up votes in less than 4 hours.
For many fans, this is just an additional confirmation that WoW has altered in a short time which the video game is now on a better method the long term.


Some voices from the community:
I am delighted to see him to what degree, as long as he is succeeding after his burnout.

  • Daddy is lastly back after getting milk and cigarettes.
  • Damn, the bronze throats truly play around with the timelines.
    What do you think about the return of Chris Met zen?
    It’s good that the story veteran is back on board?
    Or is it much better if there are more brand-new heads and less of the old designer?