Recently, the first Spider-Man trailer was released: Across The Spider-Verse, where in a scene you can see an endless of different versions of the arachnid hero.
In this way, Fans claim to have found the version of Andrew Garfield, something that has long been rumored.
Like the Spider-Man of Tom Holland and Tobey Maguire, rumors have indicated that Andrew Garfield would have a cameo on this tape.
While this has not been confirmed, fans say that in the trailer of the new Sony movie you can see a Spider-Man with a design very similar to Peter 3.
After their appearance in No Way Home, fans have demanded the return of Andrew Garfield to this series.
Whether a third film by The Amazing Spider-Man be under development or, as it will supposedly happen, have more cameos in the Multiverse tapes.
We just have to wait.
On related issues, you can see the new Across Trailer The Spider-Verse here.
Similarly, there is already a release date for Marvels Spider-Man 2.
Editor’s note:
It is good to see the love that the public has by Andrew Garfield.
However, the idea that Sony or Marvel are willing to do the impossible to get this actor how many times it is necessary, it sounds like something unlikely.


Yes, his participation in No Way Home was good, but it is not so much either.