After hunting 12 Berserkers on 9 tombstones scattered through the Maps of the King of War Ragnarök kingdoms, the time has come to face King Berserker’s soul.
Rolf Khaki is located in the king’s tomb, just where the favor worthy of a king has begun.
The purpose of this guide, as well as all dedicated to bosses and berserkers, is to help you overcome them in the maximum difficulty, I want God of War so that they are relevant to all other levels.
See where to find and how to defeat King Rolf Khaki, the leader Berserker, in the king’s tomb in Midgard.


During a main mission in the chapter The Word of Destiny, Rates will go to Midgard.
At one point you will be in the king’s tomb and take the inert fist of Skinning.
Immediately, a favor worthy of a king will be added to the codices.
This will mark several Berserker bombings on the Go Ragnarök map.
Just visit them, use the item, invoke souls and defeat the enemies.
To have access to King Rolf Khaki, it is necessary to defeat 12 bearers (scattered in 9 tombstones) first.
After eliminating each of the 12 minions (one of them can only be found after zeroing the game), return to the king’s tomb in Midgard to challenge Rolf Khaki.


For starters, we advise you to combat with a level 8 equipment, or even 9, i.e. with weapons and armor enhanced to the fullest.
Cleaning the various fragments of Asgard on the map and making the region of the Anaheim crater should help you with it.
Certainly you have your preferences, but we suggest that you use the following runes in your talisman:
Higher distance from Dodge: Absolutely vital to quickly leave the areas of effect.
25% resistance to all diseases: This usually makes the difference between a special effect that is activated in rates (fire, poison, ice, etc.) or not.
Cost reduction and cancellation of fury: Absolutely fantastic, this allows us to use the shock explosion of activation of fury to interrupt enemy attacks or even remove a disease.
Consider buying a stone from the resurrection of the blacksmith (Major or Berserker).

Rolf Khaki: List of attacks and how to combat them

Let’s simply, Khaki uses his title King as he has all the skills and spells of all Berserkers.
The good news is that you should meet them all, as we post guides from the previous 12 minions.
If you are having difficulty in certain techniques, revisit the texts to remember tips and strategies.
The true difficulty stems from the fact that this huge arsenal of skills makes the king quite unpredictable.
It’s hard to say what it is going to do, and you have to remember each skill well enough to deal properly.
Combined with the titanic amount of life this Rolf Khaki has, there is no easy way to defeat it.
You really have to dominate and fight in a clean way.
There are, however, some specific skills of King Berserker who really stand out and can really cause problems.
It also tends to use them more often than others.
So let’s focus on that.
Mega mass explosion (blue attack): The boss raises his arms and, after a few moments, a powerful explosion affects the field.

The effect area seems to take the whole arena, so you have no choice.
As you may know, the L1 X2 shield blow will interrupt it, the problem is being in reach, as the king tends to quickly retreat before attacking.
The solution is simple: be very aggressive in this fight.
Try to stay in the body of the king all the time and run to contact us whenever he retreats.
Green Explosion (Red Attack): The boss raises a huge hammer before reaching the green floor.


The principle is a bit the same as mega explosion, but you should manage it differently.
Here, the range of the attack is clear, so it is possible to get back quickly to leave.
But we advise you to be aggressive and take the opportunity to hurt you, especially if you are close, which means you will not have time to escape.
Use a role attack or a heavy attack to interrupt it.
This requires the use of a very quick ability to use, so always keep one or two of this style equipped.
Activating the Spartan fury is another way to stop the coup animation.
Mega Frost Explosion: The king flies to the edge of the arena and begins to launch a purple spell in the style of Shorthand, the infallible.
It doesn’t hurt much, but it applies Frost and detonates if you already have the status.
Sticking spears in Rolf Khaki and detonating them to stun it in the air does not work very well this time, the result is a little random.
You can perform a powerful attack, such as an ax throw with R2, use a role attack that hits you in the air or approaching and using the Rage of Sparta.

Frost’s Aura: You may not have had much opportunity to pay attention to it in Skjóthendi.
But when the boss is surrounded by a purple aura, you will naturally accumulate bifrost in the melee, to the point of covering your entire health bar.
It’s not so bad as long as you don’t suffer any damage.
Fortunately, like the problems listed above, this can be resolved by activating the Spartan fury, preferably to interrupt a powerful attack, so you kill two rabbits with one stone.
It is a struggle of resistance then, since the boss really has a lot of life.
Design well from all attacks and manage your anger bar well.
Do not forget to use the cure stones in the area to recover some HP.
After eliminating King Rolf Khaki, you will win Skinning’s fist, one of the best relics in the game.
Upon activating, the item launches several swords that contain the eliminated souls of berserkers.