YouTuber and content creator Mr.
Beast, better known for his megalomaniac videos, received one of the greatest honors for streamers within the Fortnite universe, Battle Royale from Epic Games.
This week, the developer revealed that the influencer will have a skin in partnership with the online game.


His own style arrives for the online store on Wednesday (14), and anticipates a tournament scheduled for this Saturday (17), in which the winner will receive an amount of $1 million.

MrBeast Extreme Survival Challenge

As stated above, Mr Beast is famous for organizing megalomaniac projects and mini-games with absurd awards.
And it reproduces this pattern in the game Fortnite, with a tournament called MrBeast Extreme Survival Challenge scheduled to start December 17, 2022.
The concept?
A series of mini-games to collect as many points as possible for three hours.
The player that has best positioned until the end of this period will receive $1 million.
If you want to train the tournament map before the big day, just go to the island, which is available for access through the Discover or by code 7990-6907-8565.

The protagonists will have 3 hours to chain games in MR Beast game mode, and try to reach the best score.
Note that the absolute winner will not be the only one to receive a prize: the 100,000 players on the scoring list will receive the exclusive MR Beast umella.

skins and accessories

Finally, MR Beast skins and accessories are now available for purchase at Fortnite’s online store.
The player can also win a free spray and load screen for completing event-related missions.