Rock Band 4 was an amazing game. And it’s sequel, Rock Band VR, is even better. But the company that had made both games has announced that they’re releasing a revamp of their old game

The developers behind Rock Band, Harmonic, recently announced that Rock Band 4 would be retrocompatible on ps5 and Xbox Series X/ S. Not just will the software application deal with new generation consoles, however the controllers will likewise work, allowing you to use your
Rock Band 4 drums for an entire new generation.
Gamers who upgrade their consoles and who have buddies who choose not to do so will constantly have the ability to play Rock Band with their friends if they always belong to the very same family of consoles.
Rock Band 4 is readily available now on ps4 and xbox One.
Rock Band 4 and all LCS will run on day 1 of next generation consoles.


We believe that the previously supported instruments need to work as anticipated, said Harmonic in a recent blog post.
Our team has actually vigilantly tested a bunch of old devices on new systems to make sure that everything works precisely as it does today.
When you open these new net consoles, you should have the ability to connect your existing compatible gadgets and play Rock Band 4 as quickly as the box is launched.
Online multiplayer will also deal with a number of generations within their household of consoles.
Thus, Xbox Series X/ S gamers will have the ability to play online with Xbox One and Vice Versa players, similarly on PlayStation 5 with PlayStation 4 gamers, continued the post Harmonic.
On PlayStation 5, there is a microphone in the controller, and the console utilizes this microphone by default, which Rock Band 4 recognizes..
A lot of controllers of the present generation for Rock Band 4 will deal with PS5 and Xbox Series X/ S, in particular the MAD Cat devices.

Are you going to change to Rock Band 4 on the next generation of consoles?
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