Genius Invocation TCG is a card game focused on battles developed by scientists.
After constant advertising through the light novel by the Yale Publishing House, the legendary game reached all corners of SYVAT, bringing the fever of the card game for both children and adults.
In Ronstadt, a tavern called cat tail has become a place where amateurs can drink and play for their pleasure.
Here’s how you can join the celebration and start collecting your deck TCG Genius Invocation.

How to start playing Genius Invocation TCG in Genshin Impact

Genius Invocation TCG is a gaming mode available for players who have fulfilled the following conditions:
Reach the adventure rank 32 or higher.
Complete the prologue: Act III-the song of the dragon and freedom.
All players who have performed the above actions will receive a local task called Genius Invocation TCG!, Which begins with a conversation between sucrose and time.
You will visit the cat tail, where Diana will introduce you to the basics of the game.


After several trial rounds, you will be given a gadget called the volume box, which can be used to search for a duel.
Win a swan to get to the finals where you must defeat the phrases in order to complete the world task and completely unlock the Genius Invocation SKI.

You will be given the leader of the TCG player access to which you can get at the top of the screen being inside the cat’s tail.
Fulfillment of tasks will bring you many awards.
Meanwhile, you can use a casket with books to find players throughout Tabata to fight a duel and gain experience.
Then talk with the prince in The Cats Tail to regularly track the player’s level.
An increase in it will open more opportunities and give you awards.
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