The disc is stuck in your PlayStation 5?
No problem.
Sony has set up a screw for the first time with which you can assist yourself in an emergency due to the fact that with this generation of console.
We describe exactly how you need to continue here.

the PS5 disc steep, what to do?

The more pricey PS5 version has the benefit that you can press and gamble discs into a drive.
But it also brings the danger that the disc can get stuck in your drive.
If this is the case with you, Sony has actually supplied.
Since under the cover of the PS5 there is a surprise screw near the drive, which enables you to manual expectoration of a disc.

Where can you discover the hidden screw?

To get to this screw, you initially switch off your console and after that eliminate all cables.


Then eliminate the Faceplate on the page, where the extension slot for the SSD is likewise located.
If you don’t know exactly how to get rid of the PS5 side plates, our detailed guide will help you:
At the level of the drive you will discover a small, round plastic cover that appears like a type of button.
It might likewise be that you do not have the black cover, then you have actually caught a more recent PS5 design.
If you punch the cover with a screwdriver with a cross slot profile, you get to the screw.

Now you can manually extend the clamping disc by turning clockwise.
Do not pull on the disc, but turn up until it falls out almost by itself.
You can connect the side part once again and connect your PS5 if you have successfully released the disc.
This YouTube video displays in information what every single step looks like:
Care: In the video, the black cover is braked with the screwdriver.
In the comments, several users confirm that this does not necessarily have to be destroyed, however can likewise be deducted and utilized once again.
The surprise screw is an excellent concept from Sony.
We have seven other functions prepared that would make the PS5 even much better: