In these tips guide to Warhammer 40,000: Dark tide you can find out:

  • How you survive the first few hours
  • What you should pay attention to during the fights
  • Which classes take over which roles
  • Tips on the different opponents types

Which threat level should I choose at the beginning?

After the tutorial, you should carry out the first missions and climb in the level. In the mission overview, you choose the different missions that divided into different danger levels. It is best to start with threat level 1. As soon as you have found something and the Warhammer combat system 40,000: Darkie masters, changes to the second stage. This is already noticeably heavier, but also offers more experience and currencies as a reward.

In addition, 2 other modifiers and secondary goals can appear during the individual missions from threat levels. These increase the difficulty of the orders, but at the same time grant you better rewards with a successful completion.

Gradually feel the level of difficulty and the mission modifiers and do not be afraid to tackle a more difficult mission. If you fail, you will still get part of the reward.

strengths and weaknesses of the classes at a glance

In Warhammer 40,000: Dark tide you have access to four classes. These have different strengths and weaknesses. Depending on the class, you should approach fights differently.

veteran scorer

As the name suggests, you specialize in the ranged combat with the veteran scorer. Its active ability increases the caused ranged damage and has a low subscription time. With this you switch off important goals and special opponents in no time. In addition, your passive skills further increase the damage. You are very weak in close combat and should avoid it as far as possible. Ammunition bags are the most important consumption items for you.

Viper preacher

With the Viper preacher you have the imperator on your side and plunge into the fight with vigor. You can fall back on a good mix of close-up and ranged combat-however, the strength of the class tends towards close combat. With the help of your ability you can storm into opponent groups and stun them briefly.

The dealer preacher also causes more damage, the fewer life points he has. Therefore, be never on the road with full life-you have to hike on the narrow line between healing and more caused damage. So that you can fully play your potential, it works best with toughness (the blue bar above your life). Due to the passive skills of the preacher, you can efficiently restore them.

For you, that means: suffer damage first, then withdraw something to restore toughness and then back into the fray with the ability.


The big organ skull breaker is a melee specialist and can also be played as a tank. His melee attacks cause little damage, but have an increased chance of tumbling with opponents. You can control large enemy enemies. In addition, he is the only class to equip a large sign.

As an ability, it has a rush. However, this does not end when contacting opponents, but lets you plow through the opponents and push them to the ground. So you reach teammates who are in danger and can help them.


Since it causes little damage in comparison, it works best when he works with his comrades. Together with a dealer preacher in close combat, the Organ can hardly be stopped by large hordes of opponents.


The Phoenician is the magician in Warhammer 40,000: Darkie. With his ability, the heads of opponents bring her to explode, which is extremely helpful against special opponents. However, you have to pay attention to your danger level. If the 100 percent reaches, your own head explodes.

In addition to its melee weapons and the standard long-distance weapons, the Phoenician uses rods that give you access to other spells. However, these also draw on your psionic powers and increase your danger level. In addition, the Phoenician is a bit weak on the chest-you should avoid too much enemy contact in close combat. With this class, it is important to find the balance between ranged combat, melee and ability to use.

tips for the fights in Darkie

In close combat against the worshipers of the Burgle, the flow of the game quickly tears you away. Hardly any other game manages to present brute melee as well as Dark tide in terms of first-person perspective. However, you should not forget your defensive because of loud attacks. At higher levels of difficulty, the opponents cause a lot of damage and send you to the boards in no time.

Block as much as possible and weave your attacks in between. Also use the block-strike combo to your advantage: keep the block button pressed and press the attack button for a long time. So your opponent pushes back and performs a counterattack.

plays in the team and stays together

In the fight you should pay particular attention to good teamwork. You don’t play in a team of four people for nothing.

Always stay together as possible-your toughness regenerates faster in the team. The blue toughness bar above your life points at the bottom left acts as a sign for your life points. The toughness is consumed first when the damage is incurred and then nibbles on your life. Toughness automatically charges itself. However, this charging is accelerated if you stay together.

In addition to the improved regeneration, it is also easier to protect your teammates in Warhammer 40,000: Darkie if you stay nearby. Some special opponents-such as dogs or networks-numb your friends. Here you have to rush to help them as soon as possible, otherwise they freak out their virtual life. With its crowd control options, the Ogden in particular remains best in the group.

use the terrain to your advantage

So that you send your enemies over the Jordan as efficiently as possible, you should work with your environment. There are exploding barrels at different points, which you can hunt into the air with a targeted shot. This causes a lot of damage and also efficiently destroys larger opponents.

Also form bottlenecks in which you can fully play your skills. Doors or stairs are ideal for this. Put an grain in the door, position a preacher next to it and the zombies and cultists already have no chance.

special opponents-this is how it works

In Warhammer 40,000: Darkie is not only dealing with hordes of zombies and cultists, but also with various special opponents who make life difficult for you with their skills.

epidemic dog

The epidemic jumps to you, throw you to the ground and then continuously damage. You cannot save yourself from his clasp, you are dependent on your teammates. It is difficult to meet, but doesn’t stand much.


The big mutant storms towards your group and grabs one of you. In the best Hulk manner, he hits you on the floor several times and then throws you through the area. While he has you in his handle, you can’t do anything-your comrades have to blow out the light as quickly as possible.

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network launcher

You can recognize the network from his dangerous red lights and the thick network cannon in your hands. He makes you unable to move as soon as he meets you with his network. Although the network does not cause damage, your friends have to free you from the net.


The bomber throws fire grenades that cause a lot of damage if you stop in her impact area. However, you can use the damage area to your advantage, as they also cause damage to your opponents.


The sniper lurks in the background and waits for the perfect shot. You recognize him by the red target fiber. He needs a moment until he has your sights-but he can do that through the greatest hordes of opponents. As soon as he drops and hits you, it causes a lot of damage. You should always focus first.


The berserk keeps what his name promises: in close combat he runs towards you and tries to knock you over with quick blows. He can hardly be stopped-except for her skin, the first thing to do. The fastest way to defeat him by focusing him with his ability.


The Better is a mutant who has put on bombs and plunges on you. If he gets too close to you, he explodes and causes great damage in a wide area. Since you can hear the tick from the bomb from afar, it is best to switch it off with ranged weapons. The veteran scorer is ideal for this job.

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