Seeing the League of Legends signing market there are several unknowns to solve. One of them is in Dr, the current world champion of the Mob, who after winning 3-2 to T1 in one of the most disputed finals in history, will only have a player of that quintet for 2023, which is Beryl, Support and Shot caller of the team.

The rest of the players have taken totally different routes. While Zebra and Kin gen leave together to Hanna Life’s superequipo, Deft will play at Damon Kia with Shoemaker or Canyon. Finally, and the one who has taken a totally unexpected course is Posit, which goes from military in the best league in the world to dock in North America after filtering his signing for Team Liquid.

The question we ask ourselves is that if both parties wanted to remain in the team, as they have commented for active and passive on the occasional occasion, why will it only be Beryl in Dr for 2023?

Dr was not face and negotiated with other players

According to the leaked and commented conversations in the Doing, Zebra and Kana vi, Jungle de JD Gaming had been in contact, since Dr was supposedly going to get their services since the Jungle valued the possibility of returning to his country to compete. However, and after staying in Chinese territory the situation completely changed for them.


On the other hand, the only condition that Death put to renew with DRX was that the block remained united, something that has not happened. Dr, after both information came to light, positioned himself on the side of his team’s shooter, rejecting the information filtered by Doing, which finally seems that he has given him some reason. After Kana vi’s refusal to sign for Dr, the current world champion chose to go for Coco and Fate, as a medium-jungla nucleus.

Another of the possible problems that led to the team to dismantle are the possible friction among some players, including Posit and Beryl. During Worlds, they had the occasional breakdown, as they have shared insiders of the community such as Cadre, but it seemed that these problems were solved. Of course, better than a season ending with such narrative and that was historical, ends in this way and not with a broken costume and with a toxic atmosphere in which these protagonists did not control their egos and their ways of acting.