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Chainsaw Man Episode 11: The Curse Of The Cursed Sword, Revealed

Chainsaw Man Episode 11 has just issued, with a lot of action and many new and interesting characters and skills you want to know.
However, more than anything, the question in the mind of many tour around a character that we have come to know and love in just a few short episodes, Aka.


Here is everything you need to know about whether Aka used the cursed sword in episode 11 of Chainsaw Man.

What sword was using aka in Chainsaw Man Episode 11?

The quick answer is no;
It is a sword that made him and gave him angel.
This can be a bit difficult to say, since the mangoes are similar, but the sword that is tied with the contract is more like a nail, and it looks more like a Katina.
In addition, when we see that Aka finally uses the nail in episode 8, calls the damn devil every time.
In episode 11, he simply fights Ghost without invoking the devil.

This is one of the key indicators that it is not the one that will shorten its useful life if used.
In fact, Akin ever uses Curse Devil’s sword again in Chainsaw Man, since he hinted at episode 10 that would probably die if he used it only twice more.
For now, however, that is all you need to know about whether Aka used the cursed sword in episode 11 of Chainsaw Man.
If you are still looking for more benefits from Chainsaw Man, see all the related guides we have below, including who is the demon of violence, the powers of Maxima and much more.
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DA: Absolution Producers Discuss Bringing the World of The Games to Netflix

Since its introduction in 2009, Dragon Age has become a beloved video game franchise with a sizable fan base. Now, the world of the game is coming to Netflix with a new animated direct-to-home media film titled Dragon Age: Absolution. In this article, we take a look at how the producers of the movie are bringing this beloved universe to life on the streaming platform.

I think that’s, in a lot of cases, what Dragon Age is about, what the hero characters is. I believe for me, that’s constantly an incredibly intriguing thing to check out.

Furthermore, I think that’s intriguing to me, that contrast and speaks to the previous point of, What is a hero? Furthermore, I always thought that was fascinating, again, due to the fact that everyone to Coryphées was a tool. Furthermore, I’m relying on the people around me to get me where I require getting to, and being able to acknowledge when they couldn’t do things on their own when they needed that help.

Power at a cost is another one, the idea that power constantly has a cost, whether it’s a cost of who you are or if it’s a more subtle cost. It costs you your relationships, or your friendships, which is a pretty typical dream theme, but among the things in Dragon Age is how literally it often manifests, whether it’s through the cost of blood magic, the cost of devils, demonic possession, or in the case of Dragon Age: Absolution, the cost of whatever that was provided for Relearn to achieve his objectives.

Relearn genuinely believes that he’s doing the best thing since people don’t wake up in the early morning and think that they’re doing the wrong thing and then continue on. You have this other example of a hero, these characters who aren’t necessarily lying about what they want, but ultimately, what they want is grotesque.

Do you have anything to include to that, John? I know we’re not discussing Dread wolf today, however as Reinter ends up being a larger and more relevant presence in the larger Dragon Age narrative, I picture this is a conversation that may be taking place.

It was also really important to give Miriam some area to be less than best. She’s someone who’s been through hell, and we desired that to not be her only defining particular, however we wished to provide her a possibility to reveal some scars and to not be completely well-adjusted and make the right options all the time and be 100% capital-H Hero, but be somebody who’s really having problem with any sort of sense of self-regard and finding and defending herself so that even if these type of systems of injustice aren’t familiar to you as an audience, that sensation that possibly you’re not worth it, that feeling of that person who states that they have your best interest at heart, so they do not need to listen to you, that’s something that resonates, I believe, with all of us.

Dragon Age: Absolution is streaming now on Netflix. This interview has been modified for clarity and length.

What is it that makes Dragon Age so special to a lot of fans? And what did it require bringing that essence to animation in Dragon Age: Absolution? had the opportunity to speak to Dragon Age Creative Director John Euler and Dragon Age: Absolution showrunner Fairfield Scott about exactly that.


I believe it really just has come down to being, as Fairfield said about compassion versus empathy, attempting to be empathetic to people who might be consuming this media and how they might be affected, how they might be, in many cases, injured by it. Trying to be aware of that by being deliberate in your storytelling choices is, I believe, what it comes down to. Don’t be negligent. Be extremely thoughtful and want to grow. Want to take feedback. Want to take that criticism. Want to take individuals stating, Hey, you did this thing which actually really drawn for these factors, and wanting to sit there and say, You understand what? I had not considered that. Let me listen to that point of view and hear that perspective.

Part of Miriam’s story is her background as a servant in the Reinter Imperium. Dragon Age now has actually been around for more than a year now, and in that time, it feels like the method a great deal of us discuss things like slavery, especially when it is tied to race, has actually progressed. Can you talk at all about your philosophy when handling such a subject that brings such real-world weight and injury and using it in fiction?

Fairfield Scott: We understood with 6 half-hours we weren’t going to be able to take you to 30 various nations and provide you a lot of different missions. Our goal was never ever to construct as impressive an adventure as Inquisition, however we desired it to seem like Dragon Age. We desired Miriam’s story to feel as epic and as dire as someone dealing with the end of the world since, in a lot of methods, she faces the end of her world. We truly wanted to purchase these characters and provide you characters that are truly flawed, however eventually, many of them are brave.

Beyond that, I believe Dragon Age is eventually a story about the characters. To use Dragon Age: Inquisition as an example, you’re the Inquisitor. You stopped the end of the world, but I believe I’ve constantly discovered it more intriguing, and we would love to do more with this, utilizing Solar as an example, utilizing Coryphées as an example, how did they get to where they were?

The reasons for doing so were different. You didn’t need to be like, I am doing it because it’s the ideal thing to do. I’m doing since I am this virtuous and pure figure. In a lot of cases, it’s like, I’m doing this since Kirk wall’s where I’m keeping all my things. I believe eventually, there is something to be said about it isn’t necessarily who you were before, it’s who you choose to be and what you pick to do when faced with these scenarios of dispute and strife and injustice, do you stand up or do you run away or do you take benefit of the circumstance for your own personal gain? I believe that’s something that you can see even in any of the Dragon Age media, however especially in something like Absolution for sure.

Furthermore, I believe that that’s always been the heart of Dragon Age, to me, the Who gets to inform the story? What agenda do they really have? All the little decorations along the method give a lot of a sense of remaining in a real, messy world where individuals argue about everything and how everything decreased. You get 3 opinions if you ask 2 people about something in Dragon Age. It was truly intriguing to check out that sort of messiness in Absolution with our heroes, with our villains, with our group, and What should we do next? You get numerous interpretations, and it makes it feel a lot more real.

To start with, what are the central styles, ideas, designs, or whatever else that you feel defines a Dragon Age story? What is that particular Dragon Age taste, in your mind?

For somebody like myself, it’s not actually my story to tell and to attempt to be the individual who’s like, Oh, and it’s really like this, so we like to engage consultants. In some cases it’s simply reevaluating things that you have actually said or done before. You do not desire to be like, Oh, we never ever did this, but also you perhaps desire to like, You know what?

MS: I keep considering the opening of Dragon Age: Inquisition, where Cassandra grabs you and tosses you into prison, or you awaken in her clutches, and she accuses you of ruining the conclave, and then you have to show your innocence because she’s such an excellent and exemplary person, and she’s absolutely incorrect since you didn’t destroy the conclave and there’s that fantastic style. You see it once again in the opening of Dragon Age II where they’re telling the story of Hawk, and then it resembles, That’s not how that took place!

JE: I believe among the things that Dragon Age really does teach, and it’s not constantly been a theme that we’ve struck on as tough, however heroism has to do with the choices you make. It’s about what you select to do when challenged with an issue. When you’re faced with a situation, do you step up? The Herald of Andante, the Hero of Garden, Hawk, all of them, when faced with problems that were candidly escaped of their understanding, method out of their league, stepped up and faced them head-on. The Herald of Andante had a special mark, and the Hero of Garden had the writs to recruit the armies, however Hawk is a great example of someone who was just attempting to make it through life in the city and take care of individuals in the city as they went.

The Dragon Age video games are pieces of heroic fantasy. You’re cast as a hero, and the video games let you choose who your hero is or how they behave, but at the end of the day, you’re still anticipated to be the lead character and conserve the world, if nothing else. What do you believe Dragon Age needs to say about heroism, and what makes a hero, and how is that consolidated all the styles of sacrifice that you’ve mentioned throughout this conversation currently?

MS: Clearly it was something that was actually essential for us to– it feels unusual to state to a deal with well, because it’s such a terrible thing, however actually, it was necessary for us to try and illustrate it in a method that felt a little less simple and a little less nuanced. There’s a mage we satisfy in the first episode in the bar who’s generally like, I’m going to attack Miriam in a street. You’re like, Yeah, he seems bad. That’s a truly simple story to inform, and you have the bar battle. The bar fight’s actually enjoyable and everybody’s like, High 5, we did it. And Miriam’s speech is, That’s not in fact really the problem, that didn’t really assist anything. It’s attempting to press past the simple narrative.

In revitalizing my memory of Dragon Age tradition prior to this interview, I was struck by how large it is. Out of all Dragon Age lore, is there anything that sticks out to you as being a conclusive or really special representation of what Dragon Age is everything about?

That’s the sort of things I like to explore moving forward. What does it indicate? What other problems exist in this world? What other locations do we wish to go to? Where we can see that concept of individuals who are persuaded that they are the only ones who can fix the issues versus individuals who do have that capability to lean on others, that ability to take what’s provided to them, take what’s used, take the help that they need.

It’s funny that one of the important things that John discussed was a really crucial thing for us composing Absolution, which is that it’s a little amusing that Miriam’s the only individual who doesn’t think she’s the hero of the story. I keep in mind when working with the stars, we informed IRA (Suwanee Montano), You need to play this as if you are the hero of the story. We told Relearn (Josh Keaton), You need to play this as if you are the hero of the story. You need to play this as if you’re right, since that’s one of the things that I like about Dragon Age, that it’s unusual in the world for somebody to get up and say, I’m going to do bad things because I’m an evildoer. Individuals do the important things they do since they believe that that’s the best thing to do, and their perspective is so distorted, or their truth is so warped. We seemed like we wished to provide you characters that felt a bit more real, and that felt like Miriam’s not ideal. She’s at times a really vulnerable character. She’s really been through hell and the show puts her through hell again, however we wanted to give her the space to reveal a complete variety of feelings. Due to the fact that somebody who’s been through he’ll like that isn’t perfectly fine, I didn’t want to stress so much about making her perfectly likable. It leaves scars, and we desired this to be a possibility for her to try and begin to heal some of those scars, and with our other characters to show characters who also aren’t completely noble heroes.

In 2009, BioWare initially introduced video game players to the world of Dragon Age with the release of Dragon Age; Origins. The series provided Dragon Age fans a chance to go to Thetas, the world of Dragon Age, while they await the next installment of the beloved video game series, Dragon Age: Dread wolf, presenting viewers to a whole new cast of characters on a secret mission into the Reinter Imperium.

JE I believe for myself, I truthfully enjoy the character Coryphées. One of the reasons I enjoy him is you could see why he was doing what he was doing. He saw himself as this figure who now needs to conserve the world. He saw himself as the hero of the story. It’s, as he said, I saw the throne in the maker. He’s that sort of character who sees themselves as, I need to do this on my own. I’m not going to let anybody else, I’m the just one I can rely on. I’m the only one who can do this. You have actually that contrasted with the Herald of Andante who truly leans on individuals around them, leans on their fans, leans on their companions.

In 2009, BioWare initially presented video game gamers to the world of Dragon Age with the release of Dragon Age; Origins. Dragon Age came to Netflix earlier this month with the six-episdode animated series Dragon Age: Absolution. The series used Dragon Age fans an opportunity to check out Thetas, the world of Dragon Age, while they wait for the next installment of the beloved video game series, Dragon Age: Dread wolf, presenting audiences to an entire new cast of characters on a secret mission into the Reinter Imperium.

I believe that that’s a truly important story nowadays, which is why I believe Dragon Age is a really valuable residential or commercial property and not just monetarily.

John Euler: I think there are a bunch of different components. I think one of the biggest ones for me, and among the things that give us the flexibility to disturb the apple cart, is undependable storytellers. You think you understand how things work, but it’s uncommon that you actually do, and it’s unusual that everything is exactly what it seems. It gives us chances between video games. Utilizing Tolkien, for example, Tolkien is a very established lore. You understand what took place, you understand when it took place. With Dragon Age, it’s a lot more fluid. From our viewpoint, it provides us chances to ask concerns like, What if that didn’t actually happen that method? Perhaps the world isn’t what people think.

How did that equate into Dragon Age: Absolution? Compared to the Dragon Age games, the show seems like a more intimate, smaller-scale story.

JE: A great deal of it just comes down to being really sensitive, being thoughtful about how you do it, as Fairfield stated, not using it just for shock worth, not utilizing it as a blunt instrument, however being understanding of not only how it exists in the fiction, however whenever you’re being allegorical or referencing back to the real world, comprehending what stories you can easily inform and what stories you should not. I believe, as a creator, that’s very essential because all of us have our own lived experiences. For some people, those lived experiences are going to be a lot more linked with systems of injustice and overbearing institutions.

Ultimately, our heroes are heroic since they decide to put other individual’s lives prior to their own and to band together and try and do something they’re not even sure they can accomplish due to the fact that it’s the right thing to do. I think that that’s a really important story nowadays, which is why I think Dragon Age is an extremely important property and not simply monetarily. I think it’s an essential property to have a fantasy setting that truly challenges people to surpass, Well, this person appeared and said, ‘I’m a hero,’ so they must be right.

had the chance to speak to Dragon Age Creative Director John Euler and Dragon Age: Absolution showrunner Fairfield Scott about precisely that.

It’s intriguing when you develop a considerate bad guy, and you talk a lot about sympathetic bad guys. I think that the interesting aspect of IRA and Relearn in regard to our villains is that they have a great deal of compassion, they don’t have a great deal of compassion. They feel bad when people are hurt by their actions, but they can’t actually put other individual’s needs above their own or other people’s needs, in IRA’s case, above the significance of her cause.

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now likewise for TVs approximately 85 inches and with a discount rate: This technology miracle makes the TV picture look much larger.

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10/10 for us test: Elden Ring has become a masterpiece.

Elden Ring will be released on February 25 for PC, PS5, PS4 and Xbox One/ Xbox Series X/ S.
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Horizon Forbidden West in PCG test: Great but not best.

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How to Master the Material Girl Challenge in Bitlife

In Bit life, you’ll find all sorts of challenges for players to explore, with new ones being introduced every day. One of these challenges is the Material Girl Challenge, which can be completed in a matter of minutes – but it’s not easy!

Challenges A Bit life are extremely fast to get the players to explore all possible functions of the video game, such as:
Sometimes, nevertheless, these challenges focus more on the lifestyle and how to make the best of what you have.
The best example of this would be the material Lady Difficulty, which shows the player from his best side and guarantees that he gains the benefits.


If you want to master this challenge, read on to discover out how.

How to master the Material Woman Obstacle in Bit life

Similar to most weekly difficulties in Bit life, you need to attain 5 primary objectives before you can complete the difficulty.
If you are 18 years old so that you can go through school as you want, every action of the challenge can just be accomplished.
Simply make sure that you do not get a full-time position right after graduation.
The following list explains every difficulty that you need to satisfy before you can complete the challenge.
Marital relationship at least 5 Sugar Daddies
Never sign a marital relationship contract
Never hold a job
Buy fashion jewelry worth $2 million while you are married
Buy a luxury yacht
The most essential element of the obstacle is never to work, which represents a full-time position.
Naturally, you are complimentary to work part-time to earn additional cash for elegant purchases, but if you make certain that your partners are wealthy and never sign a marriage contract to sacrifice your earnings, you don’t have to stress over work.
Another crucial action is to issue two million dollars for fashion jewelry.
This can be done through the Activities tab by scrolling down to shop and after that choosing a jewelry store.
There are no limitations on what you can purchase as long as you have the money, and given the variety of Sugar Daddies that you have to wed for this obstacle, you need to never be neglected.

The exact same applies to the purchase of a luxury yacht that is available for boats through the specialist dealership.
As quickly as you have actually mastered all the above obstacles without signing a marriage agreement or working full-time, you are a main product girl.
Bit life is readily available on mobile phones.
– This post was upgraded on December 19, 2022

Ensemble Stars!! Cookie Run and Collaboration Event Progress

Happy Elements announced that it will hold a collaboration event with Dev Sister’s Cookie Run IP at its idol development 3D LIVE rhythm game ‘ensemble Stars !!’.

This collaboration is ‘ensemble Stars !!’
It will be held from December 20 to 31 as a special event prepared for the first limited number of Korea.

In ‘ensemble Stars !!’, this collaboration event will feature two collaboration cards of Cookie Run’s representative characters ‘Brave Cookie’ and ‘Marisa and Chick’ and two three-star collaboration cards.
The characters of ensemble Star !! The character ‘Himalaya Tori’ and ‘Ogam Yoga’ are surprised and appear in the clothes of ‘Strawberry Creep Make’ and ‘Iron Chico Cochin Cookie’ style.
This collaboration event offers three collaboration cards and rewards.

In addition, the ensemble Stars of ensemble Stars !! Idols of the ensemble Run characters who opened the store in the game can receive a replacement item by ordering and delivering snacks ordered by users.


If you reach a certain quantity, you can exchange it with special rewards such as collaboration cards.

An official of Happy Elimination said, Cookie Run is one of the popular Korean IPs around the world, and cute characters are loved by the young people, especially the young people.

Since there are a lot of young fans, I hope this collaboration will give users twice as much joy.

Meanwhile, more details about ensemble Stars !!

Five Nights at Freddys 2 – All Characters

Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 recovers the family faces of Freddy, Girl and Bonnie in a new toy format, as well as a series of new, mysterious and spooky characters.
From wandering animatronics to spooky puppets and stalking, here are all the characters of Five Night At Freddy’s 2 you will find in the game.

All FNaF characters 2: Gallery and Descriptions

Freddy toy

Image Source: Scott games
Toy Freddy is Freddy Fanfare’s animatronic brand and the character used in the game’s promotional work.
Identifiable with its new bright appearance and red cheeks, you will know that you must be attentive to this ancient animatronic.

Toy Bonnie

Image Source: Scott games
Five Nights at Freddy’s 2 Discard Bonnie and replace purple bunny with Toy Bonnie.
Toy Bonnie’s appearance differs more than Toy’s three designs, changing the tones of lavender to blue.
In addition to this, Bonnie now has the circular cheeks of the other designs of exaggerated toys and eyelashes.

Toy girl

Image Source: Scott games
Toy Chica is the girl replacement animation, and although its design mimics the original, there are several differences.
Toy Chica has a pink circular cheeks, very similar to the other Toy units, and his bib replaces the Let’s eat!
As a girl.
Phrase with Let’s party!
In addition to this, Toy Chica is thinner and has a much more feminine appearance.


Image Source: Scott games
Mangle is Foxy’s reinvented version and is one of Toy’s animatronics.
Mangle is also the most drastic animatronic renewal, changing the red color palette and the patch in Foxy’s eye for a white body and pink reflexes.
Mangle’s name fits well;
This poor animatronic is discarded and very damaged, leaving cables and metal protruding from his twisted body.

Child Globe

Image Source: Scott games
Balloon Boy, also known as BB, is one of the characters that debuted in FNaF 2. Balloon Boy is a small and creepy childhood animatronic to which you will hear and greet you with spooky Hello and Hello throughout the night.
He can be identified by his red and blue attire, red cheeks, propeller hat, balloon and sign.

Not a word

Image Source: Scott games
JJ is a hidden animatronic in FNaF 2, which seems to be a counterpart of Balloon Boy, taking a blue and purple scheme compared to the red and blue of BB.
Rarely, players can find JJ hidden under the office desk.

The puppet

Image Source: Scott games
The puppet, also known as the puppet, is a new animatronic included in FNaF 2. The puppet has a long and thin body and limbs, a face shaped like a mask, red cheeks and purple marks in the form of tears.
Marionette is the only character in which Freddy Mask will not work, so keep your eyes open.

Freddy withered

Image Source: Scott games
Withered Freddy is the animatronic Freddy Fanfare of FNaF 1. After the first game events, Freddy’s animatronic has been discarded and worn, with multiple rasgadures, loose cables and a visibly dirty fur.
You will definitely want to see your spooky sunken eyes during the night shift!

Bonnie withered

Image Source: Scott games
The poor witch Bonnie looks quite different from that of FNaF, since he lacks the entire front of the face and left arm.


Withered Bonnie’s red and bright eyes are visible between his head’s open wiring, and his teeth align in his open lower jaw, creating a fairly disturbing animatronic.

withered girl

Image Source: Scott games
Withered Chica’s fur is full and torn in several places, and his jaw is stretched, exposing his exoskeleton.
Not only this, but the girl’s hands are completely missing, leaving the exposed cables.
Unfortunately, because of this, the poor girl can no longer hold her cake.

Avid withered

Image Source: Scott games
Foxy in FNaF 1 already had enough wear, and the poor pirate has only declined even more in FNaF 2. The Withered Foxy’s eye patch is raised, revealing his right eye, and his jaw is stretched down.
He also lacks the left ear and several limbs lack the fur.

Freddy Dorado

Image Source: Scott games
Golden Freddy is a rare animatronic that can appear in the game.
Golden Freddy has a crooked head, dark eyes, gold-dyed fur and a bluish bow tie and hat.
Be careful if you see Golden Freddy because if you do not react on time, he will force the closing of the game.

Freddy Shadow

Image Source: Scott games

Shadow Freddy is a dark purple animatronic bear with loose cables, lacks the left ear, darkened sclera and disturbing white eyes.
Shadow Freddy is a rare encounter in FNaF 2 with a small possibility of appearing in the pieces/service room, sitting where Bonnie can normally be seen.
However, be careful;
If you look at Shadow Freddy for a long time, he will force the game.


Image Source: Scott games
RWQFSFASXC, also known as Shadow Bonnie, or RXQ, is an animatronic bunny and a hidden character in FNaF 2. RXQ is a dark animatronic, similar to a shadow, with white and bright eyes and teeth.
RXQ is extremely rare, with a possibility among one million that appears on the left side of the office.

Fred bear

Image Source: Scott games
While you will not see Fred bear in FNaF 2, he mentions it for the first time in this game as the original Fred bears Family and the cause of the 1983 bite. Fred bear is a yellow/golden animatronic with black sclera, white eyes, white eyes,
and a purple bow tie and a hat.

Jeremy Fitzgerald

Image Source: Scott games
You will not see Jeremy Fitzgerald during FNaF 2, but it turns out that he is the worker of the night shift with whom you will play.
When completing the game and finish your turn, you will receive Jeremy’s payment check from Fanfare Entertainment.

Fritz Smith

Image Source: Scott games
Fritz Smith is the playable night guard in the seventh personalized night of FNaF 2. While working at the time after Jeremy’s turn events, it is speculated that Jeremy and Fritz are the same characters with different from Aka.
At the end of the night, Fritz receives a pink slip and is fired for manipulating animatronics.

purple boy

Image source: Scott games through
William Acton, better known as Purple Guy, is the main anatomist of the FNaF series.
Purple Guy is the character responsible for designing the animatronics and making them pursue and kill young children.
In FNaF 2, it appears as a purple figure shadow-shaped in miniguegos of arcade-style pixels that slowly unravel its history.
That is all for all the characters of Five Nights at Freddy’s 2. To get more useful games, lists and news guides, see the rest of our content.
We have a variety of FNaF issues to answer all your questions and help you survive your turn as a night security guard, for example, how to play Five Nights at Freddy’s in chronological order, each game Five Nights at Freddy’s and Spin-Off, and
All FNaF 1 characters.
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Pokemon Announces Ashs Farewell Anime With Special Trailer, Poster

Anime fans have been watching Ash Ketchup for years on his adventures in the Pokémon Anime. Now, the show creators are finally saying goodbye to him, and it has been announced that he will get one final series with a new trailer.

Pokémon is lastly saying farewell to Ash Ketchup after 25 long years of the anime, but the franchise has actually announced that the long time Pokémon Master will be getting a unique goodbye series next year with a special brand-new trailer and poster hyping up fans for the grand ending! Pokémon Journeys was progressively looking like a victory lap for Ash as following his first League Championship win in Sun and Moon, he ended up ending being the champ of the entire world. So there were a lot of questions fans had about what the anime might potentially provide for Ash in order to continue his experiences.


As it turns out, Pokémon’s anime actually isn’t interested in continuing with Ash after he ended up being the champion. Starting in January in Japan, the Pokémon anime franchise will be stating goodbye to Ash Ketchup with a special farewell event series that wraps up his 25-year-long story throughout many of the areas we have been introduced to.

How to Watch’s Ash Ketchup’s Final Pokémon Anime

Ash Ketchup’s last chapter will begin as part of Pokémon Journeys’ final slate of episodes. Beginning on January 13th in Japan (without a global date as of this writing, regrettably), this will be an 11 episode special event that will see Ash working through his thoughts on his entire journey hence far while he attempts to determine what he wishes to do for the future. It’s teasing a complete farewell by going all the way back to his significant Kant experiences too with huge returns from mainstays like Misty and Brock.

FOUND OUT MORE: Ash Ketchup to Exit Pokémon Anime in 2023 | Pokémon: Ash’s Voice Actors Break Silence on the Hero’s Exit

Pokémon is lastly stating goodbye to Ash Ketchup after 25 long years of the anime, however the franchise has revealed that the long time Pokémon Master will be getting a unique goodbye series next year with a special new trailer and poster hyping up fans for the grand ending! Starting in January in Japan, the Pokémon anime franchise will be stating goodbye to Ash Ketchup with a special farewell occasion series that wraps up his 25-year-long story throughout numerous of the areas we have actually been presented to. It’s yet to be revealed precisely what fans can expect to see from Ash’s last journey in the anime, but this farewell will certainly be a psychological time for those fans who have in fact been keeping track of Ash through his 25 years.

It’s yet to be revealed exactly what fans can expect to see from Ash’s last journey in the anime, however this bye-bye will certainly be an emotional time for those fans who have really been monitoring Ash through his 25 years. Today it’s time to move into the future, so how do you feel about the Pokémon anime biding farewell to Ash at last? Let us know all of your ideas about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me straight about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

The Nintendo Switch is Still the Best Console. Heres Why

It’s been one year since the release of the Nintendo Switch. I was a believer from the beginning, and I’m still a believer now. As much as I want to see Microsoft and Sony outdo Nintendo, they haven’t yet. The Nintendo Switch is a console that not only offers great games, but also has an unmatched portability.

The PS5 and Xbox Series are genuine Next gene consoles?
I do not know.
They offer powerful hardware, however a damn important function is in fact only on the switch.
That is better!
A comment by Robert Cowlick.

Change owners had to wait 4 years for Bluetooth audio

On September 15, 2021, in my eyes, one of the most essential system updates for the Nintendo Switch appeared.
More than 4 years after the start of console, Nintendo finally donated Bluetooth audio assistance to his handheld console.
Ever since, gamers have actually had the ability to pair their earphones or speakers with the console without using a Dongle-a dream!

and what about PS5 and Xbox Series?

If even the Nintendo Switch Bluetooth-Audio supports, you should think that PS5 and Xbox Series likewise bring the function of house, right?
Puff cake!
Anyone who attempts to link an audio gadget via Bluetooth to the Sony console will be challenged with this message instead:
The PS5 does not support Bluetooth audio accessories- it looks comparable with the Xbox Series, only does not support them in contrast to the PS5 at all.
Sony uses the standard for its controllers.


So why not on earphones and speakers?
This need to mainly be due to the fact that Sony and Microsoft want you to buy your main cordless headsets, whose prices are around 100 euros.

there are workarounds, however…

After all, there is still the possibility to connect your Bluetooth headset to the PS5 with some managing around.
Sony himself recommends purchasing a matching adapter/ Dongles with present Bluetooth standards that merely costs a tremendous 44.99 euros (source: PlayStation Blog).
What is strangely pointed out in the blog, on the other hand, is the reality that the entire thing works totally free of charge if you own a current television with Bluetooth assistance.

You can quickly combine your Bluetooth headset with the paint and the TV is all set.
The only issue: your microphone is not connected to the PS5 in this way.
We are honest: everything doesn’t feel.
A console is just thought that you need to tinker with just possible or not?
And the argument that the audio quality or latency via Bluetooth is merely overtaken.
When playing a competitive shooter, this can be the tongue on the scales-but for a lot of players, the few milliseconds should no longer play a function.
Incidentally, this is not the only set screw to which Sony still needs to turn:
And even if so, then Microsoft and Sony could still provide me the choice and, after coupling, explain with a pop-up that the audio quality might not be able to keep up with that of its in-house products.
However, please let me select!
Because the fact that I can not easily use my Bluetooth earphones in 2022 with your consoles is simply embarrassing.

How To Participate In The MRBST Challenge In Fortnite And Win $ 1 Million

The peculiar YouTuber MrBet arrives in Fortnite this week with not one, but two new skins, and in addition to the form that h catapulted fame: making players earn money;
There is a prize of one million dollars at stake.
We give you all the information about the MrBet Skin and the extreme challenge of MrBet of Fortnite Chapter 4 just below:

MrBet extreme challenge in Fortnite: dates and schedules

On Saturday, December 17, 2022, from 6:00 p.m. CET to 9:00 p.m. CET is celebrated in Fortnite the extreme challenge of MrBet.
That is, at the following hours in different Spanish-speaking territories:
Spain (Peninsula and Balearic Islands): 18: 00h (local time) on Saturday, December 17.
Spain (Canary Islands): 17: 00h (local time) on Saturday, December 17.
Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Uruguay: 13: 00h (local time) on Saturday, December 17.
Bolivia, Cuba, Dominican Republic and Venezuela: 12: 00h (local time) on Saturday, December 17.
Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama and Peru: 11: 00h (local time) on Saturday, December 17.


  • Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Hondur and Nicaragua: 10: 00h (local time) on Saturday, December 17.
    The extreme challenge of MrBet is to participate in a map of the creative mode of Fortnite trying to survive all the tests.
    The island code is 7990-6907-8565, although we can also enter the map from the Discover tab.
    When we participate on Saturday, December 17 at the indicated time, the recorded score will be the best we get, and this will determine our clsification.
    The best player will earn a million dollars, and if we are among the 100,000 best, we will get the Golden Paraguay Delta free.
    In our Fortnite guide we keep you up to date with the new seon of the game and tell you useful things the new weapons or where all the characters are.

Riot is asking fans which League champions should get mid: In League of Legends, mid-scope updates are often decided by the

Riot Games are requesting their players to vote on which League champions should get updated in the mid scope, so they can help with what they’re doing with the game.

Thereby asked for the suggested champions to fall under the left classification, and the community has actually already provided some reasonable concepts. Hogarth, Lyra, Jayce, LeBlanc, Annie, Nocturne, and Morgan are among them.

Thereby, a game designer for League, began an argument on Twitter yesterday asking the neighborhood for propositions for the next mid-scope updates.


In League of Legends, mid-scope updates are frequently chosen by the neighborhood more or less, and now, players as soon as again have the opportunity to be heard.

He particularly indicated Swain and Chris mid-scope updates, which hit the live servers in Patches 12.8 and 12.3, respectively. Both of them were welcomed by the League neighborhood, which mainly applauded the devs for making the modifications while maintaining the core of the champions kits.

There are a couple of mid-scope updates planned for next year currently, though. Tax and Well will be the very first champs to get them, with the previous receiving them as quickly as Patch 13.1, which will be the very first upgrade being available in 2023.

Mid-scope updates are generally made for champs who have actually dragged in the contemporary meta. A great deal of the champs proposed by the community, like Hogarth, Lyra, and Annie, have not seen professional use for many years, and would absolutely take advantage of an upgrade.

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