Indie Blooper SHIRAKUMO Games announced the release date of the 2D action RPG ANDREA as January 11, 2023.

This work is a dot picture 2D open world action RPG where Androids waking up in the desolated future world develop an adventure in a vast field. The total number of handmade rooms filled with various challenges, such as Parkour, will be 250, and the total area of playable areas will be over 2,100mx1,200 m. In addition, the vast field is designed to go to all places you want to go from the beginning.

In addition, the past has been developed in this work under the influence of Celeste and platformers who need other precision operations. It is said that various functions have been added as the development progresses and developed into a unique world, but the trailer can confirm that the paramour area full of needles, which makes you feel the image of works such as Celeste, is still alive.

Fighting various enemies such as wild animals, hostile humans, robots, searching for cave and ancient archeological sites in search of the old world’s heritage, discovering a human residence and clearing the quest. It is also possible to elucidate and give people hope. In addition, there are elements that can be relaxed and enjoyed like fishing to complete the picture book.

Major features

  • Explore a game play area over 2,100mx1,200 m

  • Capture 250 handmade rooms

  • Experience 50 quests spreading around the world

  • A unique song that is more than 2 hours that can be immersed in the world

  • Select your appearance from 33 costumes

  • Discover the secrets and traditions of the old world

  • Make a stage with the editor and share the community

ANDREA will be released on Steam on January 11, 2023. According to the description of the store page, it does not support Japanese.