A week after Dr’s epic victory against T1 in the final The decisions that can be taken along the drafts to try to throw the rival link.

We can see this in the video that has uploaded a few hours ago Dr on its own YouTube channel , in which it puts the communications of its players before, during and after its maps in this series the best of five. The world champion put subtitles in English to the dialogues, so he also had a beautiful gesture with the western community that this type of content likes.


Choose Bard, it’s going well against Viktor and Virus

In the Fifth Map’s Draft conversations, it is heard to tell Beryl to choose Bard: Can you play bard? Online it is bad against Karma, but it is great against Virus and Viktor , said the veteran shooter to the experienced Support. Beryl accepted and commented that if others agree, that would be the champion he would choose.

As could be seen, was a key piece for the triumph , and that its initiations were annulled by the range of support, in addition to the mobility it offered by the map and its definitive ones that were perfect in the face of the difference in the range Of both compositions, in which Dr came out as a winner.

40 second for the last fight

The last fight was key to the Dr World Cup. In it T1 made several important mistakes, and the clearest was not knowing for more than 40 seconds where Kin gen was on the map . Actor was one of the most broken characters during this goal of the event, and finding a flank in that minute of the game, it was going to be key to cornering Faker and company.

The rest of the play is already history. T1 loses the fight and the elderly dragon, and in its desperate attempt to throw the base on the red side they remain halfway. With the times of reappearance so high, the only thing Dr had to do was half and advance their lines until they print against the link and close 3-2 to the series and to this end that will go down in the history of the Worlds of the Worlds of League of Legends.