There are many reasons why players enjoy games like Harvested. From the JRPG elements to the perspective of growing peacefully and caring for your crops, it is not surprising that many of us were very excited about their recent release. One thing that many similar titles include as a game mechanics is to cook, and Harvested is no different. If you are wondering How to unlock the kitchen in Harvested , we have written a guide here. You will not have to grow characters or fight with an empty stomach! It’s time to get bread, literally.

Unlock the kitchen in Harvested

Fortunately, unlocking the kitchen is not too difficult in Harvested, although it is not a skill that you will have from the beginning. All that is needed is a little grid and patience. Before starting to unlock the kitchen, make sure you have gathered enough money. In this case it will be 2000 grid, but we recommend that you have more for recipes.

You must make sure you have progressed enough from the beginning of history until agriculture has also unlocked.

Renew the kitchen


To renew your kitchen so that you can finally cook, you must locate the renovator store in Lethe Village. Then you can buy the kitchen counter as shown below in the store, which will take one day to build. Once you are built, you can use it!

Image source: Square Enix through

Fortunately, everything you need is 2000 grid. We say Tod’s because other renovations will cost additional materials along with its monetary price.


Now that you have unlocked the appropriate renewal to cook, you can prepare food. If you want to know how you can get recipes, see our guide here. To start, you can cook the recipe Mountain Fry as it is unlocked once the renewal is bought.

Image source: Square Enix through

If you wonder how to unlock other things in the game, like every job, now that you know How to unlock cooking in Harvested , take a look at our guide here! You can also see other similar contents below.

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