RE-Logic announced on September 22, a new version of Terr aria update 1.4.5. It was announced that it will be delivered in 2023.

In Terr aria, the version 1.4.4 update LABOR OF LOVE was distributed in September this year. The update had improved new content to users who love the work, and improved the ease of play.

On the other hand, Terr aria has been a long-lasting free update, and every time there is an update, the developer declared that this is the last. However, the flow of updates was repeated. Therefore, it was attracting attention whether LABOR OF LOVE would be the last update in the same work.

However, the update seems to continue. Some updates have already been revealed. First, collaboration with DEAD CELLS. On the DEAD CELLS side, we collaborate with various indie games in the Everyone is here vol. II update. Various characters have appeared in Dead Cells. Terrain is also a collaboration target. And on the Terr aria side, a collaboration with DEAD CELLS will be implemented. The collaboration content will be distributed in 2023.


  • Ferrari collaboration of DEAD CELLS

I want to make 2023 a cross play year, said Re-Logic. The cross-play implementation, which was announced that it will be implemented after the distribution of LABOR OF LOVE, may be realized according to 1.4.5. As soon as the 1.4.4 defect correction hot fix is completed, it will be prepared in earnest. The content included in 1.4.5 will gradually be revealed in the future.

Terrain update that has not yet end. Let’s look forward to the further leap of the same work.