Overseas Media IndieWire reports that the AAA game plan for the popular action movie series John Wick starring Keanu Level is being considered.

This was made by CEO John Fertile in the income and expenditure report for investors of Lions gate, a movie production and distribution company. He said, I can’t go ahead here, he said, believing in the realization of John Wick AAA-class masterpiece games, and said he was already making proposals. Although the plan was positive, I couldn’t tell the details of the plan because I couldn’t speak anymore.


John Wick Hex is famous as an action movie starring Keanu Reeves, but recent game John Wick Hex. The work worked by BOTHELL GAMES is a strategy that depicts a story that leads to a movie, and can enjoy a brain battle that controls many enemies with a limited number of bullets as a professional killer.

In addition, John Wick’s day before the day’s day drama is scheduled to be distributed in 2023 by Amazon Prime Video monopoly, and spin-off movies have been announced.