The War of the Brothers marked a milestone in the history of the Multiverse, the moment that decided the fate of all living beings, the trigger for an immeurable evil, the Persians.

For those who are neophytes in the Lore of Magic: The Gathering , the Persians are evil biomechanical beings who seek survival at any cost and similate the forces of all the races they defeat in the name of their evolution.

This war resulted in a clh of titanic war machines, which will be reflected in this new collection, both in the bic lands and in the creatures, among which, of course, we will find Persians, artifacts, etc.

An exclusive letter

The letter that we bring you exclusively This is involuntary cooling , a blue infrequent RAR, which prevents them from straightening, since instead we would remove a stunning counter.

The new Magic: The Gathering update also brings with it a new mter’s ps for MTG Aren’t They expect this seon.