the dreams are to be fulfilled, but there are little scenarios where these can be carried out, next Saturday, November 5, the grand final of the mexican championship will be based in EGS where the two strongest squads will live in the face-to-face experience next to their respective Fanatical to seek to raise the trophy and crowned as the best in the region.

A team that has drawn a lot of attention is Six Karma who have been constant within the different regional competitions, having large players like Christopher Sky Espinosa and José Fungi vi dales That they have given a tremendous campaign throughout the year to be able to position them at this point, the so-called green wave seeks to achieve again to keep it as the best team.

Being accompanied by Saúl Morphed Torres, Daniel Pie Caste lo and Rodrigo Rovi Quiróz We see a composition of the green wave that shows a great effort to be able to champion of a new account, being part of several previous battles and Creating a quite good synergy 6k comes to demonstrate the best to be able to be crowned in this tournament.


Undoubtedly, the final battle of this edition of the Mexican Championship will come to give much to talk about, the green wave squad seeks Duel of two Titans We will see one of the best clashes that has been experienced in the history of the League, but only one can take the trophy home next Saturday November 5.