This Collectibles Guide contains to Gotham Knights :

  • Locations of all 60 Bearings
  • Card with the locations marked

In Gotham Knights, in addition to the missions, there are also many secondary activities to do. At the beginning of the game you will be commissioned to find all 60 Bearings from Batman. In the guide we show you where the collectibles are hidden.

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Gotham Knights: All Bearings in Lower Gotham & I’m Starter


1 : Climbing the big crane in the east of the docks.
2 : You can find the second Bataan on the Wayne ch building.
3 : In the homeless warehouse under the bridge between the containers.
4 : At OCEAN Chemicals’ jetty.
5 : Looking for a large factory at the Lyndon Avenue and goes to the large metal tower.
6 : The next Bataan can be found on the roof of S.T.A.R.-Labs.
7 : On one of the Gargoyles standing on the top of Cobble pot Steel.



8 : The Bataan is on the roof of the train depot.
9 : Searches on the roof of the high-rise that bears the neon sign Stage.
10 : To the left of the bridge on the roof of a battered building.
11 : Search on the roof of the Big Belly restaurant, which you will find below the Gate Street.
12 : On the building you will find a water tower, at the top of which the Bataan is.

Financial District

13 : On the top of the bell tower.
14 : On the roof of the Gotham City Shopping Center, which you can find above the Grand Avenue.
15 : climbs onto the roof from the Elliot Center. Run to the right around the corner of the roof input to find the Bataan.
16 : The Gotham City Tower Apartments are located on the left of the New Frigate Bridge. You will find the Bataan between the towers.
17 : On the western roof of Quartz Labs.
18 : On the roof of the watch tower of the Gotham City Ferry Corporation.

Old Gotham

19 : On a broadcast of the Gotham City Hall.
20 : On the roof of the highest building between Logerquist Avenue and Finger Avenue.
21 : On the top of the church of the cathedral of Gotham City.
22 : On the top church of the St. Within Church.
23 : On the roof of a small ticket sales.
47 : Under the Powers Club you will find a hotel on the Grand Avenue. The Bataan is on the roof.

Gotham Knights: All Bearings on Tricorne Island

Tricorne Island

24 : In the far east of the island on the statue of Justice.
25 : On a platform at the foot of the southern bridge.
26 : Below a large transmission mast.
27 : On the side of the large building of Kane Industries.
28 : On a sign at the beginning of Robert Kane Memorial Bridge.
29 : In the east of Fort Dumas on a stone wall.

Gotham Knights: All Bearings in New Gotham

West End

30 : You can find this Bataan on the roof of Classy Glasses.
31 : Climbing on the roof of the Gotham City Gazette and looking below the big shield.
32 : Look for an advertising sign from the police. You can find the Bataan underneath.
33 : above the train station on a red roof.
34 : On the roof of the Gotham City General Hospital.
35 : On the roof of the large GCPD building.

Otis burg

36 : On the roof of the large building, which is located east of Fonseca.
37 : Search for a large construction site. To get to the Bataan, you have to use the Grappling Hook and then let yourself go on the lead.
38 : On the roof of the St. Elysium Church.
39 : On the top of a huge crane that you can find in front of the large Stage building.


40 : On the roof of a small fishing hut.
41 : You can find the Bataan halfway up of the Cape-Carmine lighthouse.
42 : To the left of the lighthouse on a roof you will find the Bataan on a water tower.
43 : The Monarch Theater is located on the Atlantis Avenue. You can find the Bataan above the theater sign.
44 : Looking for a sign with the inscription Superfast Shipping on the roofs that lie on the Crown Point Avenue.
45 : Put in a water tower that you can find on one of the roofs that are north of the Knichtdome sports complex.
46 : Below a water tower that you can find on a building south of the Crown Point Avenue.
48 : On a roof that you can find in an alley that runs north of the Croydon Avenue.

Gotham Knights: All Bearings in North Gotham

Gotham Heights

49 : Looking for one of the university buildings on a canopy.
50 : On the roof of the Gotham Yacht Club.
51 : above a window.
52 : You can find the Bataan on the luminaire of Robbins Insurance Company.
53 : In an alley between Hemlock Street and Bierce Avenue.
54 : Looking for metal pipes behind the large building that lead up.

Robinson Park

55 : On the roof from the Sun dollar Coffee Shop.
56 : On the roof of an old greenhouse.
57 : Right next to the bridge that leads to Gotham Heights.


58 : On the roof of a large apartment building north of the river.
59 : In a small alley east of the Beacon Street.
60 : On a water tower north of a petrol station.

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