Today the exact launch date of the PlayStation VR2 was announced. Together with this information, a list of 11 games was also revealed that, although they are unknown when they will reach our hands, they will be available at some point in 2023.

In total, PlayStation has indicated that 20 different games will be available during the first year of its new virtual reality device . The already known horizon: Call of the Mountain and _Resident Evil Village will be added: _

The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR . Developed by Supermassive Games, this is a Ramo Rhythm Mountain Shooter and terror where every movement you make, and everything you see could mean the difference between life and death.

Crossfire: Sierra Squad . This is a new Smile gate first-person shooting game that will present players as the leader of a fire team placed in a war of a war for a high-secret biochemical weapon that has recently been discovered. Crossfire: Sierra Squad will have more than 60 campaign missions and can be played alone or with up to three other friends.

The Light Brigade . Developed by Unironic Labs, this is a Roguelike for a single player who is full of immersive weapons games and moody mystery.

Cities: VR-Enhanced Edition . In charge of Fast Travel Games, it is an adaptation of cities: Skylines for PS VR2. This virtual reality title aims to allow players to build and manage the city of their dreams.

COSMONAUT HIGH . Developed by Alchemy Labs, those responsible for job simulator and vacation simulator.

Hello Neighbor: Search and rescue . In charge of Tiny build Games and Steel Wool Studios asks players to deceive the neighbor in a completely new way.

Jurassic World Aftermath Collection . On the part of Coat sink, this installment combines both games set between JURASSIC World and MUSIC World: Fallen Kingdom that have a cast of voices headed by Laura Bailey and the return of Jeff Goldblum as Dr. Ian Malcolm.

Pistol whip VR is the award-win definitive.

_Zenith: The Last City It will be a launch title for PS VR2 and will welcome players to the MMO that presents a complete story, immersive fighting with weapons and spells, and much more.

after the fall . Developed by Vertigo Games, it is a cooperative shooting game set in a post-apocalyptic version of Los Angeles, and allows up to four players to join to face a world full of 32 real players at the same time.

Testicular . In charge of Firepunchd Games UG, this is a lovely virtual reality game about a beast with gigantic tentacles, but of good heart that tries to discover its place in the world. This physics-based adventure includes a story full of heart and humor.

Now we just have to wait to have more information about most of these games. Remember, The PSVR2 will arrive on the market next February 2023 , and here you can know all the details about it. Similarly, this is the price of the device in Mexico.

Editor’s note:

To tell the truth, this selection of 11 games looks very well. Proposals such as Supermassive Games and Crossfire sound very interesting, and other indies titles could well be something that attracts public attention for several days.