[ Park Yeo-jin reporter] Remade (CEO Gang Hyung) announced on the 2nd that it has attracted strategic investments of 66 billion won (about $46 million). Shanahan Asset Management, Kaboom Securities and Microsoft participated in this investment.

The company explained that despite the uncertain macroscopic environment and intensive intestinal volatility, it attracted well from leading domestic financial investors and overseas strategic investors.

Remade, CEO of Remade, said, It is a meaningful investment that is a reputable investment of reputable financing and strategic investors who have achieved excellent results. Remade and Remix continue their efforts to receive investment and continue to invest in the global digital economy platform. I will go.

Founded in 2000, Remade serves several games, including Mir 4, based on the popular intellectual property rights (IP). Since 2018, the company has entered the blockchain business and has pioneered the blockchain game market through Mir 4 global as a domestic game company.


Recently, the company launched its own blockchain main net We 3.0, and introduced 100% mortgage stable coin Remix Dolly and Devi (Designation Finance) platform WeMix.fi. NILE, a neural platform that combines NFT and decentralized autonomous tissue (DAO), will soon be released.